Missed Opportunities

Yesterday I came to the realisation that I really do need to live life just like my dogs; in the moment.
I had a chance to photograph a wonderful sight as I was driving along the main road to town. Instead of stopping right there on the side of the road, and risking holding up traffic or having someone honk their horn at me, or even worse, look at me like I was an idiot, I drove further down looking for a side road where I might get a good view of what I wanted to photograph.
I drove down this dirt road between the sugar cane and realised as I drove that the cane was going to obstruct every chance I had at my target.
I drove back to the main road only to find that it had gone, dissipated.
It was a wonderful sight, cloud all over the mountains and rising up between 2 mountains was a really broad rainbow that ended at the clouds. It looked like it was fighting to get through the clouds and losing the battle.
I was so disappointed and wished that I had just stopped when I spotted it, and taken the shot.

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