Red Herrings

Red Bubble reminds me of my own mind as I get older.
I start off looking at a picture, so I click on the picture and go to the member’s profile.
I then browse through their portfolio, and favourites, and spot another picture that is just gorgeous.
I click on the picture and go somewhere else, to another wonderful artist’s profile, where I spot their journal.
I start reading their journal and in the midst of that I read a comment by a fellow member that grabs me, so I click on their member name and go to their portfolio.
And so it goes on until I am a million clicks away from where I started with no idea how I got there.
I love it here. It fits me to a tee LOL

Journal Comments

  • Vonnie Murfin
  • Marilyn Brown
  • chanel
  • kseriphyn
  • Popular Mr
  • vjwriggs
  • David Stuart