The short fall from proud to humble

Photography is tricky isn’t it. You take a shot that you think “Yeah, I like that, it looks good, sharp, clear, dof is good, colour is good, yeah, it’s good enough for Red Bubble” so you upload it.
Then you go check out someone’s portfolio like Shane Walker’s and you crash back to earth with a thud, your pride shattered when faced with talent like that. I’m in awe at shots like his and the many other wonderful artists on the bubble and can only dream that I might get that good one day.
So, although I am humbled today, I am not discouraged; more encouraged that shots like that might be within my reach now that I have a DSLR camera just waiting for a nice lens to help me along (not to mention hours and hours of practice) LOL

Thanks for being here to encourage me, and others like me, Red Bubble!

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