A new stage begins

Well, I just got back from my trip to the US and while I was away a job fell in my lap.
It’s not creative in any way, working for a stockbroker, but it’s kind of what I was doing in Melbourne before moving up north so I’m very happy to be back on familiar territory.
I start Monday week so am back to the Mon-Fri grind but here in FNQ it’s a little more relaxed than in one of the major cities so I don’t expect to burn out too quickly LOL
Still have a few photos to upload from my trip, but busy helping hubby with some construction stuff before I have to go back to work so am hoping to get time over the weekend to do so.
It’s nice to have some structure and direction again and to know where I’m going. As some of you may have read before I removed my JE, I’ve been a little lost for a while and it’s a nice feeling to have a path set before me and solid ground under my feet.

I like knowing where I’m going but am very happy to experience little unexpected side trips too :)

Life’s a bitch sometimes but then again it’s awfully fun too. Wouldn’t be dead for quids!

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