Excert from Dawn of a Royal Flower

Rebecca walked determinedly into her Stables and all the way to the back of the building where her Black Mare, Elé (Short for Elemtia Risenia [Elven for Rider of the Elements]), was usually kept. Her suspicions were confrimed when she noticed the stable boy was strapping a saddle on to the reluctant Mare. After the boy made a complete fool of himself bowing she ordered him to remove both the saddle and the reins from her horse and from those belonging to the men she was taking with her on her latest venture. Then she went to find the Stable Master. When she found him he was having a heated debate with her right hand Elf, Anthony Winestead.

“Palmé what do you mean my charger isn’t fit for the journey? Wirén (Elven for Fire Storm) was as fit as ever just this morning!”

“I’m sorry Sir Anthony, but with all the gear you want mounted, plus your own weight with armour and weapons, the best you can hope to get out of him is a steady trot. Winén’s not a pack mule, he’s a war horse and what with that bad case of hoof root this winter… Horses don’t live forever Anthony.” The Stable Master crossed his arms over his chest, and then noticed Rebecca Standing a short ways away from them looking thoroughly amused. “Ah Your Highness, how may I be of service to you this aft’?”

“Well if one of you would kindly explain why I saw young Fern place a saddle and reins on Elé it would be greatly appriciated.”

“For our journey Rebecca, or have you forgotten you said we were to leave today?” Anthony never took his eyes off the old stable master as he spoke off handedly to his commanding office.

Rebecca’s eyes blazed at being addressed asthough she were a mere child, “Anthony I know that you are aware of our destination and of to whom we wish to treaty. So again I ask why Elé was being saddled? We wish to prevent a war here not start one by coming prepared to do battle! That being said, tell the men that the only weapons I wish to see on their persons should be no larger the a dirk, nor shall we be in any form of armour. We shall trust in our magick and our magick alone, is that understood Anthony? You know probably better then anyone how particular the Centuars are about such formailities! The last thing we need is to insult them before we even reach the glade!”

“But Rebecca…!”

“Palmé will Winén be able to make the journey unladen of all but Anthony’s unaltered weight?”

“Unladen? I don’t see why he couldn’t. Winén is a thoroughbred, even at his age unladen he should be able to match speed with colts half is age. His only folly is age milady, he’ll be twenty-five come August.” Palmé glared at Anthony briefly as he answered her.

“Unladen? Rebecca you can’t be serious!”

“Anthony I have never been more serious in my life! You would do well Anthony to not question my orders! I suggest that you ask Winén if he will carry you before you mount, tell the rest of the men to do the same! Dissmissed!” The flames in her eyes were getting dangerously bright, and seeing no other alternative Anthony bowed his head and strode off in the driection of the actual stable area.

“I would thank you milady.” Palmé said with a waem smile lighting his face.

“For what Mr. Palmé?”

“For insisting that he ask Winén before mounting. What, if I might be so bold as to ask, promted you to decide upon that order?”

“As you well know Mr. Palmé, the Earth Element give those of us who can weild it a greater empathy for our animal companions. That and Elé thought it would be a good idea considering where we are going. I have always asked her permission before I mount, she believes that the same curtitesy extended to the other horses would be beneficial to our cause. I must say that I agree with her.” Rebecca said with a slight shrug.

“As do I milady. I usually ask each horse for their prospective rider, as none of my horses have been ‘broken’ as the humans say, and I plan on keeping it that way. You’ll notice the lack of locks on the stable doors. Fern is but a young aprentice, however in due time he will understand. ’tis a shame that only the Wind and Earth Elementals can converse with our animal cousins.” He sighed, “Much luck on your mission milady.” He bowed and went to check on Fern’s progress.

“Thank you Mr. Palmé.

It took Rebecca and her men two full days of hard riding to reach the southern edge of the Clan of Centeurs’ they wished to communicate with’s forest territory. It was at this edge that Rebecca ordered her tired men to dismount and follow her on foot. “I thank you dear Elemtia Risenia for bringing us this far. I would ask a favour of you my friend. Will you concent to watching over your brethern until our return?” She asked looking the black mare in her eyes. Elé dipped her head in response. “Then I must thank you again my friend.” Rebecca kissed the mare on her brow and waited for her men to thank their mounts. From the looks on their faces she could tell that they were not happy with her decision, but since no one openly questioned the order she gave them a strange smile and then took off into the trees.

They had been running for a good two hours before Rebecca noticed the first of her men dissapeared from their path. The deeper into the forest they ran the more men vanished, until about four miles away from the forests center, Rebecca found herself completly alone. Furrious about her men’s disappearance, she jumped into the branches above her head and climbed out of sight to wait.

It didn’t take long before two black centeurian males ran past her hiding place, as they passed she caught a thread of their conversation, “Horsé, this one’s a fast one! The nerve of that damned King Willow to send Eleves into our territory! Fenbar will see him pay for his slight!”

“Hush Drumond, save you strength for catching our quarry.” His companion scolded as they ran out of earshot. If Rebecca had been furrious before it was nothing to how she felt now. Faster then the eye could comprehend, she raced to the top of the tree and launched herself into the wind.

Excert from Dawn of a Royal Flower


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