Bronwyn or James? (Chapter One)

“Commissioner, Agent Bronze is back from Africa and waiting in your office as requested.” The Commissioner’s overly eager secretary told him as he walked past her desk on his way back to his office.

“Thank you Miss. Beatly.” He told he straightening his tie, it was not always a pleasure dealing with Agent Bronze, but it was however always a treat to just look at her. Her beauty was one of her greatest weapons, whether she knew it or not. “Agent Bronze, I trust your flight was pleasant?”

“Of course Commissioner sir. You will have my paperwork on your desk by the end of today. Was there a specific reason you asked me into your office sir?” She asked already sensing the answer.

“Another mission my dear. A little closer to home this time, as it were.” He told her as he walked behind his desk, sat down and pushed a sealed envelope across the surface to her.

Agent Bronze picked up the envelope, broke the seal and examined the contents quickly, “A Canadian? Why am I watching a Canadian? I believe our policy is we watch any potential threats to our society, never our own citizens.”

“We have reason to believe that he is collaborating with some known terrorist groups, and would like to be sure. Will you need a new I.D. for this assignment?” The Commissioner asked as he swiveled his chair to face out his window.

“Not this time I’m afraid, I can use one of my old ones.” She told him repacking the envelope and standing up.

“Good, that will be all Agent Bronze,” He stated as he swiveled back around only to find his office empty save for himself. One of his best agents and go figure she was only eighteen, then again espionage ran in her blood…

Agent Bronze sighed deeply once she reached the roof top of the Commissioner’s Office Building, oh how she hated that man, did he honestly think she didn’t notice his eyes were always trained a little too low to be on her face? Working for the Canadian Internal Intelligence (C.I.I.) was a never ending job, and damn but was she ever tired. She had just gotten back from Africa for Pete’s sake! She set her duffel bag (where the new mission file was currently hiding) down by her feet and took in the view from the edge of the roof. To her left you could see the proud building that was Brinestone’s Academy of Advanced Learning, or at least to the general public that was what it was. In reality Brinestone’s was one of the World’s best training facilities of spies; Train Them Young, Keep Them Forever! That was the Brinestone motto.

Ten years ago Agent Bronze had been just a normal everyday little girl, she went to a normal school in a normal small town. Her father had died some three months before hand, but she and her mother were doing just fine. Then in the third week of school her third grade teacher, Ms. Tyas, announced to the class that they would be writing a province wide placement test for some fancy school in Ottawa.

The next day she was here, learning to become a great spy, just like her father and grandfather before her, which of course, she didn’t find out about until she got there. It was also the last time she had seen her mother alive, strangely enough the school was awarded custody of her and she officially had no choice but to attend. Standing on that roof with the wind whipping through her hair, it seemed to have happened forever ago, she still wore the locket her mother had given her the last time they had spoken. No one used her real name anymore, hell she’d be surprised if anyone even remembered what it was! She had used so many alias’ on her missions that there were times when she almost forgot herself! The locket was the only thing that tied her to the past…

As she stood there lost in thought, her cell phone started to ring, she removed it from the black holster at her hip and examined the number on the small screen. When she answered it the voice on the other line asked her what the Princess’ favourite colour was. “The Princess prefers Bronze to Silver and Gold.” She responded using her family’s code names to code in.

On the other end of the line a male voice answered, “Only because Gold and Silver are outdated, the King always loved them better then Bronze. Now forget little princesses call the devils.” Then the line went dead.

Quickly Bronze snapped her phone shut, reopened it and used the code told to her over the phone for a unbugged line, namely 121 332 6662. “What’s up Spike?”

“First off welcome back, second what have you been feeding those damned Cat’s of yours? Because they didn’t want to eat the food you told me to feed them, and third have you noticed that Uncle Rufus has been acting a little strange lately?” Spike was Bronze’s Communications Liaison (C.L.) and a close enough friend. However ‘Uncle Rufus’ was just a code name the two of them had come up with for the Commissioner.

“How could I not notice? It’s my job to notice remember? Besides you’ve seen the missions he’s been giving me lately, and rookie fresh out of training could handle these missions with ease! And yet he’s been giving them to me! It’s down right insulting!” She said her temper rising as she thought about her last six missions.

“Easy Tiger, you know Uncle Rufus doesn’t like it when you question his mission distribution practices. He thinks it’s down right unethical and unprofessional.” Spike commented sarcastically, “You’ve been reassigned already I take it…”

“Naturally, but on home turf this time. Some Canadian Citizen by the name of Benjamin Tweety.” Bronze told him expectantly.

“Right then I’ll see what I can dig up. Get some sleep kid you look beat.”

“Nice try Spike. If I look so tired then what hand sigh am I flashing you right now?” She asked as she flipped the bird in the direction of the Communications Center.

“Alright, alright, so I can’t actually see you, but if I know you them I imagine it has something to do with your middle digit. Shit! Uncle Rufus how many times do I have to tell you to stop borrowing people’s cell phones and calling me at work? Give the nice Gentleman his phone back and go back to the shelter. Good night to you too.” Then the line went dead. Back on Spikes end the Commissioner must have walked into the room.

Bronze looked around her one last time and then went to recuperate in the off capus house she shared with Spike and her Cats.

Bronwyn or James? (Chapter One)


Oshawa, Canada

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In case you couldn’t guess yes, Agent Bronze is Bronwyn… Just thought I’d point that out!

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