Love and Piracy Excert (Part of Chapter Four)

Meanwhile back on the Conquering Crusader Bruser was having a very heated argument with himself, sort of.

“Bower, what do you mean you do not know what you did to the Gravity Controls!” He yelled (in Camasien but for our purposes I’ve translated it in to Universal Tongue) at a floor to ceiling mirror, but his reflection didn’t mimic the action, instead it cringed. “How can you not know what you did?! I cannot fix it if you will not tell me what you did!”

“I’m s’ry Bruser, but I don’t remember what I’d gone and done!” Bower (the mirror) answered in a fearful shriek (also in Camasien).

“Damn it Bower!” Bruser took a large wrench and started to slam it into the Gravity Control panel. “What am I going to do with you?!”

“Bruser? What’s all the commotion? You’re upsetting the ship’s computer.” Wes said (in Universal Tongue, incase you were curious) as he ‘swam’ through Engineering, as you probably figured out the gravity had been shut off.

“Bower here,” Bruser (switching back to Universal Tongue) indicated at the mirror with his wrench, “Some how managed to fuse the panel door shut. He will not tell me what in the name of My Mother he did to it.”

“Well I don’t think yelling at him or destroying what’s left of the gravity controls is going to help any, oddly enough. Did you try using the Difoxide Thirty-two on it?” Wes asked.

Bruser paused mid-swing, “Wes you are a genius! Difoxide Thirty-two! How could I have forgot about that?!” He reached into his tool belt and pulled out a bottle of powdered crystals; using a small pair of tweezers like utensils he placed a small amount on the panels crease. Then he pried open the panel door. “Brilliant! Now we just replace these with these and shut the door, then we hit the switch and Voila!” He said as Wes came crashing to the floor.

“Ow. A little warning next time, Ok Bruser? You’re really trying to earn your name aren’t you?” Wes said as he checked for broken bones. “Feel any better?”

“Much. Lexi never has to know, and Bower will not play with the gravity controls ever again, will you Bower?”

“No Bruser, sorry Bruser.” The reflection said.

“You are very lucky I like you Bower, or else I would not take all the blame when you decide to turn off the gravity.”

“And you’re lucky that I’ve known you two too long to be bothered by your quarrels. You’d freak the Captain right out of her skin if she ever saw you at it, God knows she’s still not used to you switching back and forth all the time and she’s known you since she was five!” Wes said as he heaved himself off the floor. “I’m going to run a systems and weapons check from the Bridge now, ok guys? Let me know if you need anything.”

“Wes wait, you are supposed to be on shore leave, why are you up here?” Bruser asked him, Bower nodded in his mirror.

“Some one needed to come and check on you, and since the Captain is finally sleeping I figured it might as well be me. Why?”

“No reason, Bower wanted to know.” To which Bower glared at Bruser for saying, “So the Captain is finally getting some sleep. Let us hope she sleeps for the entire week. My mother knows she needs it.” There’s something I forgot to mention about Bruser, well his whole species really, they don’t believe in a God, instead they believe that their Mothers are Supreme Beings (female Camasiens don’t survive childbirth; it’s sad but true).

“You’re telling me.” Wes sighed.

“You need to stop worrying about her, she is pretty reet; she will be fine Wes. If I did not know you better, I would have to say you are falling for our young Captain.” Bruser said with a smile as he started to polish the Gravity Control Panel.

“Are you out of your Bari? I’m not in love with Lexi! What in the name of the Universe would give you that idea?” Wes asked flabbergasted.

“No need to get all defensive about it. It just seems to me that you have never worried so much about a woman before Lexi became Captain.” Bruser said, having finished polishing the gravity controls, he took his wrench to another control panel.

“She’s the Captain it’s my job to worry about her.” Wes said hotly.

“You never worried this much about Captain Black while he was alive.” That was the name Conrad Sherwood went by as a Pirate.

“Well, he didn’t give me anything to worry about until he died.”

“Call me vintage, but where I come from we have a saying, ‘When two plus two equals four it never equals B.’”

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Wes asked confused.

“It means, my very young friend, that the answer to your problem is never what it is not supposed to be. I am not the only one of the crew who has noticed what has been going on between you and Lexi. Even if you two have not figured it out for yourselves yet. Hand me that torch over there would you?” Wes handed it to him, “Thanks.”

“I still think you’re wrong about me and Lexi. I’ve known her since she was ten years old and nothing’s changed.” Wes said crossing his arms.

“Sure it has.”

“Oh really? She’s still the Brat she was back then.”

“Not entirely, she’s a lot more responsible now. She has blossomed quite nicely as well.” Bruser said as he lit the torch and cut a metallic rod down to size. “You cannot honestly tell me that you have not noticed her beauty. Over three quarters of the crew is lusting for her, they are just smart enough to find other outlets for their sexual frustrations.”

“Right, that may have just been a little too much info there Bruser. I think I’ll go and run those checks now.” Wes said as he left Engineering for the Bridge.

“That boy has a lot to learn Bower and mark my words he will learn it fast.”

“If you say so Bruser.” The timid reflection said.

Love and Piracy Excert (Part of Chapter Four)


Oshawa, Canada

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Just a teaser excert, mainly because the prologue doesn’t really match the rest of the story… on well! Enjoy!

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