The Dawn of a Royal Flower - Chapter Five

Less than a week later Rebecca had another war crisis on her hands, this time with the Ogrian people. “How exactly was I to know that he had promised the Ogres Goblin land! I swear to the Goddesses I could ring his neck sometimes!” Rebecca stormed after reading the missive a third time. They had only been back at the baracks (Which were found just out side of Rebecca’s house) for three days when the scout had sent it in. As soon as she finished reading it the first time, Rebecca had called a meeting with all of her Senior Warriors.

“No one could have known Rebecca, what do you want us to do?” Anthony asked with a sigh.

“Get me a map of Ishglade and the surrounding countries, if the Ogres want land then I shall oblige. Why they wanted land on our northern border is beyond me. The Goblin land that we just finished fighting over is no where near any known Ogre lands…”

“I think it was more King Willow promising them land and not specifing where it was or who it already belonged to that’s to blame Rebecca.” Another one of her senior Warriors answered. It was only the Senior Warriors that would dare call her by her first name.

“Be that as it may Pine, we still need to at least offer another peice of land to replace the land promised to them. Why does he feel the need to kill me so young?” She replied wearily as Anthony placed the maps on the table before her. “Thank you Anthony. Now let us see what we have to work with… Who owns this land here?”

“Where? Oh right there on our Western border?” Kevin, Pine’s twin brother, asked pointing to a spot on the map. “That’s your land Rebecca.”

“Mine? What do you mean mine? I do not have any lands…” She asked puzzled.

“Of course you have land Rebecca, every member of the Royal family has lands given to them at birth. Nobody told you you have land? Where did you think the Tax money came from?” Anthony asked equally puzzled.

“What tax money? I have recieved no taxes…” She thought for a moment, “Are there any Elves living on this piece of land?”

“Not that I’m aware of Rebecca, you’re not thinking of giving the Ogres some of your land are you? The King won’t be pleased…” Another Warrior by the name of Petro stated.

“When have I ever done anything that His Royal-Pain-in-My-Neck Highness King Willow has ever been pleased with? We make the switch, I will not give Willow the satisfaction of another war. Is that clear gentlemen?” No other Warrior spoke, “Good. Oaklan, Pine, Kevin You will take this missive to the Ogrian Magistrate, Tell him that it was I that sent you and that Willow has nothing to do with it. If it is my land that I offer then Willow never has to be informed of my decision until it is too late.” She quickly wrote out her message and handed it to Kevin, “They are not likely to harm a messanger but I am not going to take any chances. Arm yourselves with dirks and knives, but no swords, this an attempt at peace not a provoction to war.”

“Yes Rebecca.” The Three men responded on unison, before bowing and leaving the room.

“Anthony round up what’s left of the recruits I have my final round finished.”

“Are we getting any new Elite members?” He asked her knowing the answer.

“Not today I am afraid, I have reassigned them to various other Battalions. Why must the other Commanders always send me the men who are still wet behind the ears? Do know that I believe they only send me the ones they are afraid to transfer them selves?”

“That doesn’t surpirse me, I’ll go round up the last ten then.”

“As for the rest of you. We shall resume training as usual in one hour; you have until then to do as you please. However I do not want any of you wandering the Human Relm, my neighbours are a little too nosey, and I would rather not have to deal with the gossip. Dismissed.”

“Halt, you there, Elf! What bussiness do you have here?” A large blue Ogre standing guard outside of the Ogrian camp demanded. He towered over the Kevin, Pine and Oaklan, who were on horseback, and held spears in each of his four arms.

“We have been sent by Princess Rebecca with a message for Magistrate Kinsle.” Kevin said looking the Ogre in his burgandy eyes. “Let us pass.”

“I don’t think I will, see the Magistrate ain’t too fond of Elves right now. Not since you backed out of our arrangement.” He said smiling uneven teeth.

“That arrangement is why we have been sent Ogre! Our Princess wishes to make amends!” Pine growled.

“Ogmir! Let them pass!” Another Ogre hollard as he approached the group, “They are messangers not enemies! The Magistrate did not tell you to block the passage of messangers!” The Ogre then turned to the three Elves, “You say you have a message from Princess Rebecca?”

“That is what we said.” Oaklan told him eyeing the other Ogre cagedly, “We must see your Magistrate as quickly as possible.”

“Right then follow me.”

“Magistrate Kinsle, there are three Elven messangers here to see you.” The Ogre that led them there announced bowing before his Magistrate.

“Ah so King Willow has recieved my declaration! Inform the men to prepare…” Kinsle started.

“With all due respect Magistrate, we have not come from King Willow. Our message is from Princess Rebecca…” Oakland interupted him as he and his fellow Elves bowed in respect.

“The Princess? Why would the Princess answer a declaration of war?” Kinsle asked confused.

“Our Princess has sent this letter,” Kevin said holding it out to him, “It is her wish to avoid a War at all costs, as she has detailed in her letter milord.”

Kinsle reached over with his smaller set of arms to take the rolled letter from Kevin’s outstreched hand. “This is written in Ogrian! I had no idea she could write in Ogrian, what other surprises does your Princess have hidden away…” He said more to himself, he reached over on to the table he had been sitting at moments before and placed a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose. He read silently for a few moments, “Is she sure she want’s to do this?”

“Yes milord. She believes that what the King has done is inexcusable. He promised you land that belongs to the Goblins. We have just recently ended a war over said land, our King was trying to obtain the land so that he would not have to give up any of his own.” Pine explained, “Since the land she offers is closer to Your border and is her own, the Princess believes that it is a better trade. If you wish we can show it to you…”

“That will not be necessary, I have been there many times before. Does she realize that the land she offers was originally ours? Your King stole it from us over two hundred years ago.” Kinsle asked with a smile.

“I’m not sure if she knew that milord, but if she did then it makes the trade make greater sense. She only wants what is best for her people, and believes that War is not never the answer.” Kevin said surprised at Kinsle’s statement.

“Which would explain the last part of her letter,”

“Milord?” Oaklan asked confused, since neither he, Pine nor Kevin could read Ogrian, he had no idea what the Magistrate was refering to.

“It would seem that your Princess would like to start a Peace Council, I am surprised she did not run it by her Elite Warriors first…” Kinsle told them as he turned around and wrote a letter of his own. “Give this to your Princess, inform her that we will remain here until we recieve her acknowledgement. Good day gentlemen.”

The Dawn of a Royal Flower - Chapter Five


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