The Dawn of a Royal Flower - Chapter Three

As quickly as possible, Anthony rushed Rebecca to the Goblin camp. He hoped to find Mogi before she bled to death in his arms, her wound had reopened. As soon as he stepped foot on the Goblin side he was surrounded by spear bearing Warriors.

“Why have you come Elf, we are at a cease. Do you wish to break it?” A short Goblin in red battle gear asked.

“Nay, I seek the Goblin Mogi; the matter is most dire…” Anthony insisted. Rebecca was out cold in his arms, her blood soaking his tunic. But in the fading light of sunset, he doubted if they could see the white tunic turning deep crimson. “Please, the girl’s life depends on it!”

“And who is this girl? Your Lover?” The Goblin asked with a sneer, until he noticed the royal seal adorning the ring Rebecca wore on her right index finger. “Misha, quickly fetch Bir and Mogi.” He told the Goblin to his left, she gave him a curious look before leaving the group. “Come Elf, bring her this way.” The Goblin took of at a run to the nearest tent and Anthony was hot on his tail. The Goblin pointed at a small cot and motioned for Anthony to place Rebecca on it.

“My liege, you summoned us?” Bir called from the opposite tent flap that Anthony had come in through.

“Yes, it would seem your patient has lost a lot of blood…” It took Anthony a moment to realize that the Goblin that had led him here was none other then the Goblin King Harr! “It would appear that her wounds have reopened.”

“Rebecca!” Mogi called as he noticed her on the cot, still steadily bleeding, “Anthony what happened?” He asked Anthony, as Bir rushed into the tent and set to work trying to steam the blood pouring from Rebecca’s chest.

“She must have used too much energy and magick to carry herself…” Anthony said his head in his hands as he knelt by Rebecca’s cot.

“Anthony, was it? Start at the beginning…. What happened?” King Harr asked curiously.

“About an hour after you left Mogi, my King was giving a speech of sorts; I made the mistake of telling her about it. She demanded to see him. Two other of our men carried her most of the way but as soon as we reached the assembly she demanded to be allowed to walk on her own. She walked a good fifty feet, and climbed up on a platform, and addressed to crowd herself…”

“Mogi, I am going to have to stitch her back together…” Bir commented as he finally managed with a little Goblin magick, to slow the bleeding.

“You’ll have to do what?” Anthony asked his head snapping up.

“Relax Anthony, he is not going to harm her any more then she has been already. He is just going to force the edges of the wound closed with a needle and thread. A little trick we picked up from the humans when they lived among us. It’s a simple procedure. Now tell me… what did she tell your people?”

“She told them that you wished to speak of peace your Majesty, and forced my King to oblige.” Anthony said uncertainly, “A needle and thread you say? And this will keep the wound closed? Why did it reopen in the first place?”

“My sword was tipped with Moanson Herb, but I was not informed of this until it was too late.” Mogi said with a pained expression. “Rebecca never should have been on the battlefield in the first place. Your commanders never enter the battle; they always send their men in for them.”

“My commander is a stubborn girl Mogi; you of all people should know this!” Anthony laughed hollowly, ‘I tried to explain that to her but she wouldn’t listen to me she said ‘A commander’s place is with his, or in my case her, men. I refuse to sit on the sidelines watching you all kill yourselves. I plan to end this war not give Willow a reason to let it continue.’ How do you argue with that kind of logic?"

“Did she read the missive that I sent?” King Harr asked with a smile, Rebecca’s determination was the reason the old king admired her so much. She had nerves of steel.

“Yes she did, in fact so did I. Your terms seem fair enough to me, but she didn’t seem to think very much of them…”

“How do you mean?”

“Well she got me to read them didn’t she? Rebecca hardly ever asks for a second opinion on anything.”

This time when Rebecca awoke she did so with out a sound, she opened her eyes to darkness. Where am I now? She though to herself, as she tried to sit up. After much wriggiling to free herself from the heavy blankets heaped on top of her, snapped her right thumb and middle fingers. A small green flame grew in her open palm, she used it’s eerie flickering light to observe her surroundings. Anthony was asleep on the floor next to her cot, Mogi was asleep in a chair a short ways away, and King Harr was watching her curiously.

“Ah at last the mighty Princess awakes.” He said with a smile; he lit the lamp he was holding to give her a better view.

“How long was I asleep?” She asked extinguishing her green flame.

“Well let us examine that question for a moment. Anthony brought you here to my camp a few moments before the sun had finished its descent and it is now well past twilight. A few more hours it will be dawn. However I do not believe that you were truly sleeping until after Bir finished treating your wound a second time, that was three hours ago.”

“Harr you always have a way of making a girl feel so much better…” She said rolling her eyes, and then realization came to her as she glanced at her second in command. “The wound reopened I assume.” Anthony hadn’t changed his tunic since arriving in the Goblin camp.

“That it did, your man Anthony brought you here as fast as he could manage. I did not recognize you at first my dear, you had lost so much blood that even in the failing light you looked far to pale. I am told that you have a problem with my terms for peace. Do tell me what could possibly be wrong with the terms I’ve laid out.”

“Your terms are not fair, good king. Your heart is in the right place, but you forget who started this war.” She told him rubbing her stitches absentmindedly.

“I thought you would like the terms… all things considered they are most fair. Even your second agreed to this.”

“Well he would. But good king a peace treaty is supposed to benefit all, not just the opposing army. Your terms would sound fair to any elf, but did you think of your people at all when you wrote them? The land is yours, it has always been yours, and yet your first negotiation is to divide the land in question in half. Appeasing Willow should not be your main objective; Willow is a spoiled child in a grown Elf’s body with a crown. He needs to know that his behaviour will not be tolerated. Please let me rewrite your terms and bring them before the both of you tomorrow at the peace talks. Just I ask that you do not act surprised when I present my terms of peace to you both.”

“All right, Rebecca, I insist that you try to rewrite the terms.” Harr said amused by her analysis of the terms he had written out. “Then we shall see what we shall see.”

“Should we wake them?” She asked looking around her again.

“Do not be foolish child, let them sleep…” Harr laughed.

The Dawn of a Royal Flower - Chapter Three


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