The Dawn of a Royal Flower - Chapter Two

The Surgeon made Rebecca’s Warriors wait a good hour after the Goblins had left before he would let them in to see her.

“Damn it Surgeon, let us in! She’s our commander we have a right!” A tall elf by the name of Anthony demanded. Anthony was Rebecca’s second in command, even though he was older then her by at least eighty years.

“I’ll not let you in until she says you can go in Anthony! She insisted that I not disturb her, no exceptions!” The Surgeon shouted right back at him.

“Listen you…”

“Anthony put him down.” Rebecca ordered appalled that he had picked up the surgeon by the collar. Anthony put the elf down gently before turning to her, “Thank you. Markus I thank you for your services. I should be fine now.” Rebecca told the Surgeon.

“T’was my pleasure your highness.” He told her with a bow, then, after shooting a glare at Anthony, he marched off to another section of the medic tent to check on his other patients.

“Anthony I would like a word with you in here, the rest of you will stand guard out here, I do not wish to be interrupted by anyone, especially the King.” The four other men nodded and took positions around the little hallway. “Anthony?”

“Coming Commander.” Anthony followed her into the small room and closed the flap behind him.

“That was uncalled for Anthony. He was following my orders, you didn’t need to manhandle him.” Rebecca said reproachfully. “How many times have I told you that you need to get a hold on your anger?”

“At least thirty times give or take…” He said scratching his three day stubble, “What’s on your mind Rebecca, I know you didn’t just call me in here to scold me…”

“You are right there Anthony, there is something I wanted to discuss with you. Here read this for me.” She sighed handing him the Goblins’ Peace Treaty.

He took a few moments to read it over, and Rebecca took the time to sit on the floor cot to catch her breath. “This seems a fair trade off to me, when did you get this?” He asked looking up at her, only to notice that she had sat down. “How bad is it?”

“Pretty bad…” She said wearily, “It took a lot just to walk over to the flap. The wound has closed but all my magick is being used to speed the healing and dull the pain.”

“I’m not sure if I should be the one to tell you this then…” Anthony started.

“Tell me what?” She asked suspiciously.

“It’s Willow; he’s been telling people that you’re at death’s door. He’s giving a speech as we speak to that effect. That’s the other reason why we came…”

“Take me to him.” She commanded the colour coming back to her face and the flames that danced through her eyes reignited. He would not sink that low… She thought to her self as Anthony nodded and offered his arm for her to lean on.

“My People! It is most unfortunate that I must inform you of my Great-great-great-great Granddaughter’s untimely death!” The proud King Willow of Ishglade addressed his assembled armies. “But it was her dying wish that we be victorious in this most righteous war! What say you men?!”

“I have something to say Milord!” Rebecca called out from the crowd. It took all her strength to walk unassisted the great distance across the encampment to the platform on which the king spoke. A great hush fell over the crowd of Warriors, they parted to let her pass by them. A few of the other Commanders broke out in smiles at the sight of her, a few others scowled.

“What’s this? A ghost?” Willow called out for dramatic effect.

“Nay milord, I am very much alive!” She called up to him letting him see her out rage. “I sent the Surgeon with news of my recovery, do not deny receiving the news milord! It was written in my own hand!”

“I received no such note granddaughter. How glad am I too see you alive! This is cause for much rejoicing!” Willow said faking a smile, “But the enemy will not let us have such a rest…”

“I beg to differ milord, I have recently received word that the Goblin King wishes to talk of peace between our two peoples! Not to mention that it was you who started this war milord, not they!” She had finally reached the plat form and, with a great deal of unnoticed effort, climbed up to address the crowd herself, “Warriors! How many of you still wish to fight a War can not win? Our skill is evenly matched by that of the Goblins! Both sides have lost many lives and for what?! Answer us that King! Tell your people why they have been fighting for three weeks straight! Risking their lives for your foolish game! It is time for this to end, enough blood has been spilt this month! I say no more! What say you Warriors?!” The cheer that went up from the mass of Warriors was tremendous. “Then it is agreed? We shall speak to King Harr?” The positive cheer that followed her statement brought a smile to Rebecca’s face.

“Yes Granddaughter, I shall speak with King Harr!” Willow annouced with a forced hundred watt smile, then in a voice that Rebecca knew only all too well and that no one else could hear, “We shall discuss this later Rebecca.”

“I am looking forward to it Willow.” She told him with a triumphant smile. Willow turned on his heel and stormed off in the direction of his tent, and the assembled Warriors dispersed. When it was only after only a few members of the Elite were left, that she finally collapsed, her strength finally giving out. Luckily Anthony was there to catch her.

The Dawn of a Royal Flower - Chapter Two


Oshawa, Canada

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