Ravenna Twyla Dragoon - Chapter Eight

Sleeping on a bench in a holding cell is not an easy thing to do, sure I could have walked all of two feet over to the cot, but I could smell the mattress from where I was. I think Linda might have thrown up on it, or at least I hope it was Linda…

Anyway, that idiot thug named Mike in the next cell was singing blasphemies until around one in the morning. At which point Spike to matters into his own hands and gave Mike a reason to shut his trap. As well as transferred to another holding cell farther down the hall. It wasn’t until about two thirty that anyone noticed that some one was crying. Spike thought it might have been Linda, since it obviously wasn’t me. “Raven, you wanna check on her for me?” He asked me through the bars.

“Alright,” I told him with a yawn, I got up off my bench and walked over to her. Linda was passed out on the floor still, not making a sound. “It’s not her.” I told him in a hushed tone. Eric the figdeter was sitting by himself with his back to us, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that it wasn’t him crying either. Let’s just say from the muttering he was making we could pretty much tell that he was otherwise occupied. So that left the other thug sitting over by the door…

We both shared a look and I lost, so I went over and sat as close to him as the bars would allow and poked him. “Hey what’s up?”

“What do you want?” The boy asked wiping his nose on his oversized sleeve.

“Just to chat, why are you crying?” I asked him trying to keep my patience.

“I’m not…” He said sitting up taller and wiping his eyes. Now that I look at him, this kid couldn’t be all that much older then me.

“Ok then you’re not, first time in lock up?”

“Yeah…” He said quietly, “We didn’t rob anybody…”

“Oh? Then how did you two end up in here?” I asked intrigued and not at all sure why.

“We got busted for pot, Mike tried to eat the evidence and they called it resisting arrest. That’s kinda why he was tripping out on you earlier. He’s not usually like that around girls.” He sighed and leaned back against the bars. “I called my parents to come and get me and they told me that I could rot here for all they care, I’m a disgrace to the family name… I shouldn’t even be here; I didn’t know the dumbass was dealing again.”

“So what’s your name then?” It had to be fear; yeah fear was why this kid was opening up to me like this. I pride myself in not being the kind of person people like to open up to, but here was this kid I just met baring his soul. It had to be fear.

“Scott. You didn’t really kill your old man did you?”

‘No, I was cleared remember? The news woman said that the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence. I didn’t kill Drac either. How old are you Scott? Sixteen?"

“Eighteen last month. So was he your boyfriend?” Scott asked me.


“That guy that you were talking to earlier…”

“What Greg? God no… he’s just a friend, why?”

“You seemed really happy that he had shown up that’s all. Can I ask you something?”

His comment caught me off guard, Of course I was happy to see Greg; it meant that I could find out when I was leaving… wasn’t it? I thought to myself before answering Scott’s question. “Shoot.”

“Do you believe in Vampires?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

“What do you think of that Eric guy? Does he strike you as one?”

I thought for a few moments, “No, I don’t think so. I think it’s pretty safe for you to sleep if that’s why you’re asking. I don’t think Spike’s the kind of person to let you get attacked in your sleep.” I said with a smile. “Well night then Scott, it was nice talking to you.”

“Night Raven.” He said as I stood up and went back to my bench.

“Well done girly, I didn’t think you had it in you.” Spike said smiling as I sat back down.

“I’m glad to have proved you wrong then Spike. Good night.”

“Good night Raven.”

“Miss. Dragoon?” A Uniformed guard called through the open cell door. I was talking to Spike on our benches at the time

“Yes?” I called back to her.

“Your hearing is in an hour, and your Lawyer asked that you be allowed to change before hand. If you would please come with me…” She asked politely.

“Coming… Well if I don’t come back it was nice to have met you Spike, and you Scott.” I told them before following the Guard out.

“See ya around kid,” Spike called back.

“Yeah see you later Raven.” Scott added. The strangest thing happened that morning before I woke up. Spike and Scott became friends. I didn’t think it was likely considering how his friend acted yesterday, but it did, Spike rents out a room in his house and since Scott no longer had a place to go once they let him out, Spike offered it to him. As well as a job if he get’s fired from the one he has now on account of being arrested. I don’t know what but there’s something about Spike that seems familiar to me, and it’ll bug me until I figure it out too.

Anyway the guard led me to a public bathroom of sorts, handed me a brown paper bag with my clothes in it and waited outside of the stall while I changed. The dress that Finningan had bought me (Because I know I didn’t own it previously) was better then I had anticipated. It was a mid calf length black sundress. It looked really good on me I have to admit. I opened the stall door and tapped the Guard on her shoulder. “I’m ready.”

The courtroom was stuffy and the Judge was hungry, I didn’t have a very positive out look on my chances, but Finningan insisted that I had nothing to worry about. Easy for him to say.

“Alright now what do we have here? Ravenna Dragoon? This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you in my courtroom young lady, and I certainly hope that it will be the last. Bailiff what are the Charges?” Judge Malcolm Ennis asked.

“One count of Murder in the first degree, your Honour.” The Bailiff told the Judge devoid of emotion.

“How does the Defendant plead?” Ennis asked looking directly at me.

“My client pleads not guilty your Honour.” Finningan told him in a respectful tone, I was pretty impressed by this because Finningan hates Judge Ennis more then I do…

“And Bail?” He asked looking at the tall, blond Crown Attorney by the name of Ms. Windom.

“Your Honour the people ask that in light of the brutality of the crime the Defendant be remanded,” Oh she was a cold bitch alright.

“Your Honour, my client is the unfortunate victim of circumstance; she’s not a flight risk and has considerable ties to the community. She surrendered herself immediately when the police showed up at her home and has gracefully spent the night in a cold jail cell patiently waiting for this hearing. She’s a seventeen year old girl who has just tragically lost her father and now her Guardian, what possible threat could she be?” Cold as she was Finningan was a demon, and there was no way that he was going down with out a fight.

“Your Honour, Miss. Dragoon sells hand guns to so called ‘Supernatural’ Hunters, and a considerable amount of money at her disposal. It’s a well known fact that she was on rocky terms with her new Guardian and there was talk of marriage…”

“I object your Honour, what teenager would be on good terms with a man who she barely knew? Not to mention the fact that her father had just past! My client’s so called great deal of money is set in a trust fund that only allows her to with draw one hundred dollars a week! The money in that account is to go towards her schooling and property taxes on the house she currently resides in.”

“Enough! The seriousness of the crime can not be overlooked, however since this is Canada and I see no reason why Miss. Dragoon would leave the country, Bail is set at three hundred thousand dollars. Miss. Dragoon, you will surrender your passport and put your firearm sales on hold, do I make my self clear?”

“Yes your Honour my client understands…”

“Mr. Morelli I wish to have the girl’s promise, not yours. Miss. Dragoon?”

I sighed, “Yes your Honour, you have my word that I will not sell any weapons and that I will surrender my passport.” I told him knowing full well that he would make me repeat every word if I tried to weasel out of the gun sales part. Damn my father for teaching me about honour!

“Good, see that you do.” Judge Ennis picked up his gavel, “This court is adjourned.” He said as he slammed it on the table top, then he dusted himself off and left the room.

“Thanks Finningan.” I said hugging my attorney. “So do I get to keep the dress?”

“Miss. Dragoon, I will see you again.” Ms. Windom threatened me.

“And I’ll see you tomorrow in Judge Ennis’ chambers Ms. Windom.” Finningan said with a smile as her handed her a thick folded piece of paper.

“Miss. Dragoon if you’ll come this way please.” A police officer asked me, they were going to transport me back to the precinct to wait for my bail to be posted.

“Raven wait.” It was Greg; he had come to my bail hearing…


“… Never mind I’ll tell you later.” Uhg men! Anyway Finningan was off making a press announcement while I was escorted back to that jail cell. It only took an hour for someone to post my bail; naturally it was my brother, just like last time.

Ravenna Twyla Dragoon - Chapter Eight


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Still debating on whether this will be the last one posted, I don’t know I might post one more…

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