Kodi's Choice - Chapter Three

Oliver was standing alone on the balcony of Markus’ study enjoying that post rain smell and debating with himself, when he heard the most beautiful sound coming from some where beneath him. Puzzled, he leaned over the railing, using his wings to keep balance, to investigate; the sound was coming from an open window on the lower level slaves’ quarters.

“Oli? What are you doing?” Markus asked from the balcony door way.

“What? Oh right, whose room is below this balcony?” Oliver asked landing back on the balcony and turning around to face his friend.

Markus walked across the balcony to join Oliver at the railing, “That’s the children’s wing of the slave quarters, why?” He got all the answer that he needed after listening for a few moments, “Oh that…,” He said with a smile, “That’s Kodi, beautiful isn’t it? She’s been singing the few small children I have here to sleep every night since she got here. At first I was reluctant to let her, but I don’t know, the children seem to complain less about their chores and they don’t seem as tired. So I thought what the hell, it’s not hurting anyone.”

“Where did a slave learn to sing like that? That’s rare in humans, are you sure you still want to sell her?”

“Admittedly, I rather not but it’ll get Lucy off my back for a while so I must. My sanity depends on it.” Markus sighed. “I’ll miss the singing, probably not the chaos she causes, but definitely the singing. She’s like a Nightingale and a Lark all in one. I’m told that she was used for entertainment by Count Frost for four months before his wife made him sell her. She was sixteen summers at the time.”

“Exactly how much digging have you done it three months?” Oliver asked amazed at Markus’ work ethic. “You’ve never done this much research in your life, why the sudden urge?”

“I didn’t believe them when they told me about Kodi’s extensive purchase and return history. She’s really quite comfortable with the Handlers down at the Market. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. She was sitting in a cage all by herself, fully clothed, when we approached; the handler I was with was most reluctant to take me to her. When we reached the cage he said polite as can be ‘Kodi you’ve been sold again love.’ She looked up at him and heaved a great sigh before she told him ‘Again? And I was just getting reacquainted with the place. To whom have I been sold this time Giovanni?’ He gave me a dark look before telling her, ‘You’ve been sold to his Lordship Markus Vesité here.’ She made a perfect curtsey as her handler opened the cage door to let me in. Do you know she didn’t even flinch as I changed the glyph on her wrist, it’s an incredibly painful process, most slaves have to be held down to keep them from screaming in pain. Apparently it feels like taking a burning iron rod to their skin. Kind of makes you glad to be a Vampyre.” Oliver didn’t say anything but his brow furrowed in indecision. “What’s troubling you my friend?”

“I’m seriously considering buying a slave, especially if it means your sister won’t find any random excuse to visit me.” Oliver said pointedly.

“Oh really? What changed your mind? Other then my sister of course.” Markus said with a tired smile.

“Kodi… intrigues me to say the least. In her own way I’ve seen her debate an issue better then my cousin Angelesse. Quite a remarkable mind for a slave…”

“Her beauty probably had something to do with it too I’ll bet.” Markus tried to laugh but all that came out was a liquor induced yawn. “But let’s talk business in the morning. I have three bottles of Blood-vodka and Whiskey to burn off in sleep.” Markus stretched his arms and wings as he yawned again, “Night Oli.”

You asked to see me my Lord?” Kodi asked as she knocked in Markus’ study door the next morning, she quickly entered and dropped into a deep curtsy.

“Yes I did Kodi, you may rise.” She did as instructed, “Now I know that you have only been with us for as short time, but it would seem that we will be saying goodbye to one another.”

“I see my Lord… am I to be sent back to the Slave Market or have I been sold else where? If you do not mind my asking my Lord.” Kodi asked with a resigned sigh.

“Do not sound so glum Kodi, you sound as if I am sending you to be executed. You have been through this process before, it is not that terrible. Would you like to know who I have sold you to?”

“Lord Montihue, my Lord?” Kodi asked innocently.

“Why yes… how did you guess?”

“My Lord, if you don’t mind my saying so, you did not make your intentions all that subtle. As you mentioned my Lord, I have been through this before. Slave interviews were common when I was younger my Lord.”

“Ah yes… of course… Well it was a pleasure to have you here Kodi. I sincerely hope that you cause him as much trouble as you have me.” Markus said with a smile.

“Thank you my Lord.”

Kodi's Choice - Chapter Three


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This one’s kind of short I know…

Here is the rest!


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