Editing... Writer's block again... and my wasted summer!

Not fun, let me tell you! Right now I am currently going over All’s Fair in love and Piracy by me, and trying to find any errors, and but of course I had to wait until after I got the damned maniscript printed out before noticing some of the before mentioned errors… Very frustrating… But the printing only cost me $7 for 109 PAGES! Anywho… that’s part of the reason that I’ve been posting excerts of it on here even though I said I wasn’t going to.

Writer’s block sucks! And of course it’s back…. The other reason for my posting pre written excerts!

And other then spend most of my awake time on here (~or at work :‘(~), I have done absolutly nothing this summer! And School starts up again on tuesday! That’s in only Three days! I’m working all day tomorrow naturally And I’ll probably be working all day on Monday (labour day!) as well! Oh for the care free days of yesteryear!

Anywho enough of my whinning…



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