I think I found you in the wind
A memory that came spinning back
We were friends first
At a time when friendship
Was the hardest

You brought me laughter
And made me sassy
Teasing you with things
I never understood myself
At the time

On a cold December wind
You returned to me
Our friendship re-established
Our love a possibility
It was just not our time

Established, and with history
You blew my way again
We were model citizens
With marriages and children
Living the lives we thought were meant for us

As the leaves tumbled ’round
You came to me
I ashamed of what my life had become
You with a wounded child
And total confusion in your eyes

When was it that the wind
Spoke your name to me?
Suddenly in all my thoughts
You surfaced
Nothing would keep that whisper from me

And how did it happen with you?
What storm or tide brought you to me?
When did we decide to break the rules?
The ones we thought we were meant to abide
When did our secret selves know
That we were to be?

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