The Pillaging

Groundhogs, Woodchucks, Gophers
is there a difference?

Summers spent on the farm
meant the rounds of my grandfather
checking woodchuck holes for
occupied? Or empty?

A cow can step into a groundhog hole
and break a leg
Pricey accident for a dairy farmer

So Grandpa Lee carefully checked for
occupied? Or empty?
If occupied they were soon empty as
he sent that bomb of poison down the hole

Flossie, my uncle’s dog, could find a gopher
in a hundred acre corn field and kill it
Always bringing home the prize

My sister and I ran home fast
if Flossie caught a quick scent
not wanting to be witnesses to the carnage

My own garden was pillaged last week by a
Woodchuck, Groundhog, Gopher
is there a difference?

He ate the cucumbers, the beans, the squash
My husband says he can get him with one arrow
He is a clean shot

But the tradeoff’s not fair
My cows aren’t in danger – don’t have any
and my husband doesn’t even like squash

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