The Phone Call Ends

The phone call ends –
and what do I hope for?
The goodbye?
The I love you?
The I wish it wouldn’t end?

We talk on these stolen moments
Mine from a husband away
Yours from a wife you are leaving
And what do we think is really going on?

We give advice and listen
Being there for each other
As friends should be
But what are our expectations?

Will I take the forbidden trip?
Will you meet me in the middle?
Do we just need to get it out?
To laugh about it later?

You live the reality of
The pain and the finality
I live the falsehood of
The believing in ever after

I wish I could be another person
To walk away and find what
You tell me I deserve
But I know the truth

I’m not what you think
No sinner, no saint
I give up my happiness
For the rest of the world

I will grow old alone
In the company of my husband
Hoping against hope
That I was wrong

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