A walk through racing thoughts of Israel

What is it to walk in the dry sand in the land of my ancestors. The song sung by the sand romancing the wind to serenade the rock covered land, resonates with the mournful dirge of my soul singing to the tune played by the blood coursing though my veins. This song lends energy to my feet, giving them the strength to continue the climb to the height of Masada, moving them as if in a strange dance; racing the sunrise atop the joining kiss of the dawn sky and the Dead Sea.

Thoughts of my people, the sacrifice and loss that took place here; fill my mind. The nine hundred and sixty lives lost here; all given to spit in the face of tyranny. Men drew lots to see who would have to kill all they loved and cherished, to see who would then have to kill their brothers, and then at last the man who would have to kill himself, committing one of the worst possible sins; the willing rejection of G-d’s gift of the bittersweet breath of life. All of this done to defy those who sought to take their freedom, their way of life.

The blood of these people christened this place a monument to the second greatest gift of G-d’s, the suffering and torture of having a free will. This gift is what sets us apart from the beasts of the woods and the beasts in the fields. The coin that we pay for this is paid for in the dearest of rare and limited coin, Life. Paid for in both suffering and the sad moan of life’s departure. This coin should be what we must hold highest amongst all but G-d. Before the coin of life one should never place the coins of love or honor or wealth.

For it is the perversion of the order of what we should hold dearest, it is the act of misplacing this sacred order that leads to the actions that we consider evil. For what is evil but the corruption of the moral order of what we hold dearest and most important. If one finds the want for the material of wealth and money more important then the grace and sanctity of sex, one fast becomes a whore, quickly loosing all self-respect and honor, turning into an object of lust and a stranger to the ideas and warmth of love. Placing one’s honor, and the value of honesty, under the want for wealth, no matter how much desperation compels you, takes you on the journey of the thief, living in fear of the law and the light, taking what you want never mind who is harmed, starting small and working your way to the next evil upon this downward path.

Place the glory that is a human life below the desire for all the comforts and luxuries that wealth can bring, leads one down the path of the murderer and destroyer of lives, no matter if it is killing another for what material wealth they have or for pay that another will give. Then both on the same plane of immorality and upon a plane of the most depraved evil, there is an evil where even those who have condemned themselves thought the taking of live, look at with nothing but distaste, an evil that only the worst of humanity dares to taste, an evil who’s action makes one no better then a rabid beast lurking in the darkest places of forsaken forests.

This is the evil that comes to being when someone desires the joyous bliss of sex more then they care for the sanctity of the innocence of another humans life. this beast the rapist, is truly a dark hound of hell, for they harm not only the body but the mind and soul as well, taking away a piece of sanity and a chunk of who that person was with their foul appetites.

It was for the importance of standing up against an enemy that would take their lives, rape their mothers, daughters, and wives, and sell their families into a life of suffering and slavery, that these men chose what they saw as the lesser of evils in a time when the idea of G-d as seen by more then half of the people of today’s world did not even exist.

Some of these people seem to conveniently forget that their Book was written first by our scribes, some seem to toss aside the fact that while we call G-d by different names we still are referring to Hashem. The worst loss of all is the sad fighting caused when our cousins forget that we share a common bond of blood, of ancestry. Some of the same blood that flows though the people fathered by the son of Abraham and Sara flows through the people fathered by the son of Abraham and Hagar. there are many who forget that we share a common father and trust the words of those who don’t act as they preach over the words and lives of our cousins.

Cousins who seem to have forgotten how we both suffered at the hand’s of a church’s obsessions. this church is the merchant creating his own kingdom though the trade of the IDEA of what they want you to think that Their Christ should be like, never mind that that it was our prophecy and ideal first. Maybe this is why they have helped kill my people time after time, over and over again. Not too mention the times they have looked the other way as others did the dirty work, trying to keep their robes white as possible, not wanting our blood on their hands again, still unable to wash the stains of their history placed there through a baptism of blood.

One who sees a crime take place, and has the power to stop it yet stands there and does not even rase a cry of alarm to bring the hands of safety and justice, might as well take the blade of genocide into their own hands. During the Holocaust they stood silent preaching about the importance of life, never mind that they knew of the death camps, never-mind they stood and watched over six million people simply disappear, stood and watched as my people where once again spread into the winds just as dust and ash of their families.

All of this destruction caused by one man. A man who is called many things; he could of been called a sociopath, a hypocrite, a mad man, by some; by others a saint, a leader, Mein Führer, and more. A fragile shell of a man who said that right and white meant long flowing locks of straight blond hair covering light skin, and blue eyes; not dark hair curling in tresses around dark faces with dark eyes.

It was this puppet of the peoples hate dancing to his own tune, who preached a look that he didn’t even fit, who preached the importance of a racial purity that he lacked, this worm with his dark hair, dark eyes and most of all dark soul. It was under this man that places of disparaging conditions where created each one worse then the last. It was into the first of these places that my people where first placed, forced out from our rightful homes and occupations into these cramped and impoverished conditions, just so that we where out of the way.

These where the ghettos of Europe, and of the Third Reich. The word that was taken from the sections of renaissance Italian cities where we were told to stay, was darkened and used to name these horrors of human cruelty and negligence. The same word is often used today in a completely new way and sadly said by some in the same connotation, said full of contempt not for the places, but for the people with the misfortune to live in these places. Too many people have forgotten the sorrowful history of this word, and use it to spread the same bred of hatred amongst new victims.

A walk through racing thoughts of Israel


Atlanta, United States

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the first half of a poetic essay on Israel

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