t he young child looked up suddenly there was a blast of lightening hit his little face so hard it nearly tore his head to the other side of his little body that blast of lightening was the evil hand of his father that came crashing across his face he screamed in terror as his father dragged him to his room and said go to sleep he sobbed himself to sleep h/nathan was at kindergarden that day and his dad didnt pick him up so the neighbor frm, across the street watched over him until the father came home this little five year old was used to the beatings as the mom had long left them leaving him behind . nathan was taken to mc.donalds to play with other kids as he was a lonely littleboy he was happy that day was a turning point in his little life as the neighbor was there with her kids .; she noticed the terrible swelling and bruising on his face .; commented on it the father said he was climbing around but the neighbor wasn.t cinvinced she managed to get the child alone the next day at her home and got the child talking he was terrified of his dad finding out so she kept him at her home called the authorities and got the child removed frm ,the home this child was then moved out of state to a nice couple who loved him nathan is one of the lucky ones as hopefully he will grow up to lead a normal life and forget the terrible beatings of someone who was supposed to be his protector and to whom he could trust this story is to say childre are gods gifts to us to treasure .; not to destroy…

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