Sunshine Beach, Australia

Addicted to swimming in the ocean, rolling in the waves, when injuries slow you down, you look at the world a bit differently. This is...

Life better in flippers

I have always thought of myself as being lucky. I was born in a city, but at the age of two the family moved and i grew up with the ocean on my doorstep. My earliest memories were, sneeking of and climbing cliffs, sitting for hours mesmerised by the ocean and its movements. I grew up in Cornwall and my first memories of surfing was bodysurfing and surfing wooden belly boards. Forty years later and I still get that excitement of smelling the salt in the air and watching swells roll in. I have been very fortuitous to live in Australia for nearly two decades now. I left the cold behind when i was about eighteen as the cold water and long winters didn’t agree with me.

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