My First Milestone!

Most of you know that I enjoy being here, at Red Bubble, because of everyone else! I get to see some fantastic artwork: photographs, t-shirts, paintings, drawings, and yes, every now and then, poetry and short stories! I am taught how to take better pictures, create more colorful t-shirts, and more by the wonderful members of Red Bubble who take the time to teach us amatures! I want to thank all of you for your help and your inspriation. I also want to thank all of you for setting my first milestone! While some of you have 5,000 views, or more, of just one image, I have finally passed the 5000 mark for 104 of my images, and 1226 views of 29 t-shirt designs! It would not have happened were it not for all of you viewing and commenting on my work. Not to mention those who have made suggestions as to how I could improve a particular piece.

Thanks to all of you!

Now that I have “tooted my horn” a little bit, I will drift off into “humble” land and continue learning from the masters: YOU!

Brad Sumner

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