The Inner Workings Of The Mind Of A Poet & Photographer

Well, this being my first entry, I guess I need to tell you a little about myself. I am a published poet, fixin’ to be published again, here in about two months. My second book of poetry is completely different from my first. I have been trying to juggle getting my book published with my love for photography. I take pictures all the time. I wind up formatting my chip at least once a week, I take so many. I guess if I had to state a favorite subject of my photography, it would be sunrises and sunsets. I take more pics of them than anything. I also take pics of all the parades that take place around Dalton, GA, where I live, and I also am kind of like the resident photographer for a teen club which hosts five bands (mostly punk metal) on Friday nights, and five different bands on Saturday night. It really isn’t my genre of music, but it is kinda fun and I get to meet a lot of interesting people. The person who runs the place allows me free entry for a set of the pics I shoot, and sometimes the bands give me an e-mail so I can send them a set as well. Sometimes I see my work posted on some of their MySpace pages, and it gives me a lot of satisfaction knowing that my work is on the internet. I don’t know which direction I most want to pursue yet, poetry or photography, but I know I don’t want to give up my photography because I love what I sometimes capture with a camera. Sometimes I don’t realize how beautiful some of my shots are until I get home and view them on my computer. Some of my pics serve to prove to many that there surely is a God out there somewhere. Sometimes my poetry causes me to seek out certain types of pics, and sometimes my pics inpire me to write a poem, which is also nice.

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