Boredom Competitions on the 24/7's "What Moves You" Written Finalists Announced!!!

The Boredom Competitions on the 24/7 group has announced the finalists for its What Moves You competition…

…And, guess what?!?


I just got the news yesterday and am still smiling from ear-to-ear! I have not been on RB for that long and have slowly begun participating in contests. I have not won anything yet, nor have I even been a “finalist”. So, I am very excited about this!

However, I am kind of sad because the voting period lasts between 04/07-04/08/08 (which makes today the first day of voting) and my piece has not received one vote yet. I think this is because so few people have voted, so far, and because I am really new here and do not know too many people (which I hope to change soon). Don’t get me wrong, I am just happy to be included as a finalist! That alone is wonderful! But, it would be nice to know others like it too!

Anyways, if you want to check out my poem, it is entitled Sitting and is basically about the aggravation of sitting in rush hour traffic, The competition guidelines asked for pieces that showcase things that “move” you (both literally and figuratively). And, while my piece is about being stuck in traffic, it is still about moving. I chose this piece because, while a car and driving do “move” a person – traffic does not. So, while this poem may appear to reflect something that does not move me, it is actually depicting something that IS moving me…just at a slower pace, which is aggravating. I also think it works on two levels and has a metaphorical connection to being “moved” as well. Sometimes, what moves me not to get into the car and go is the thought of traffic and “rush hour”. I think it is also what moves many people to exhibit signs of road rage. (Note: Road rage is a fairly common phenomenon here in Southern California!)

If you are a member of the group, I hope you read and view all of the written finalists as well as visual finalists and vote accordingly! If you are not a member, then you should definitely consider signing up, as it is an awesome group of people! All the final entries are very good, and so the competition should be a tough race!

Good luck to all the finalists, both written and visual!

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