Buyer's Booth Photos Perfect for Halloween!!!

I have had a few more models to add to my Halloween t-shirts collection along with Jacqueline [aka Venus], who modeled my Vampire Smile shirt so wonderfully.

A few weeks back, Trena [aka cougarfan] posted some pics to her RB account showing off Mike-o-Lantern along with some pretty freaky paranormal activity that went on during the shoot. Check it out:

Then today, NooneSpecial, uploaded some precious pics of a cute, adorable little one modeling my Batty-Bat [1st variant]!

I want to thank both of these fantastic Bubblers for the great shots and for their wonderful support!!! I know they already know how much I appreciate it, but I wanted to really express it!!! FABULOUS PHOTOS, DARLINGS!!!!!!

Be sure to stop by their profiles and check out all of their great stuff too!!! Much love to you all!!! Now I am going to go carve a pumpkin! Woooo-hoooo! :)


~ Brian :)
…infinite x’s & o’s…

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