And the envelope please...

Greg’s Birthday Contest 2008 Winners!!!

It was a very hard, tough, extremely painful decision to choose a winner for this contest. In fact, so difficult, that we decided to have multiple winners!! Yay! We narrowed it down to THREE (3) choices – so three designers will receive the prize pack mentioned in the previous JE.

We would like to send out big bear hugs and lots of thanks to all of the fabulous designers who submitted designs to the competition. It was so much fun and definitely exciting! We sincerely wish we could buy them all today, but, then that would not be very competitive. But I have plenty of birthdays to shop for in the next few months AND Christmas is a’ coming…so I will definitely have my eyes on these designs!!!

I also want to send out a personal thanks to jemimalovesbigted who submitted her fabulous Closet Wear t-shirt (that she originally created especially for me). I love this design so much that I told Greg that it is mine…not his. Hahahahaha! So, he wants to buy it for me soon. (We don’t do the whole matchyy-matchy thing, so it is either one or the other and I am claiming this fabulousness, tee-hee) :)

But, I digress… enough small talk. I bet you all wanna know who the winners are?!? Am I right? Well, then, someone hand me the freakin’ envelope please!!!!

Drum roll…

So, without further adieu, the winners are (in random order):

Wish… by thickblackoutline
Road Trip by Patricia Anne McCarty
Mystic Tree by Crockpot

All of these designers are winners of the following prize pack:

  1. I will purchase your design on a t-shirt and Greg will model your t-shirt for a photo shoot that will be uploaded and promoted in the Buyer’s Booth and in a special journal entry by yours truly.
  2. The winning designers will be interviewed for said journal entry and featured alongside their winning design.
  3. The winning designs will also be featured in The Amazing Little Pieces of Awesomeness Gallery (formerly the B.Christopher Designs Virtual Gallery) and in my Monthly Addictions Showcase for October 2008.

All designs will be purchased on Sunday, October 5, 2008. Designers, please check your bmails by the end of the week for instructions on completing the winner’s interview for inclusion with your winning design feature. And, as soon as the t-shirts arrive we will do the photo shoot!!! OMG, this is so EXCITING!!!!!!

BUT WAIT… THERE IS MORE… We know it is not part of the contest, but we will also be purchasing two card designs from the finalist list. With every birthday present, you need a card. Right? These two artists’ t-shirt designs are also card designs (as well as finalists), so they will be purchased and featured along with the winning designs. And they are…

the robot and the turnip by Tashana Kjelland
‘A Night on the Town’ poster by Patricia Anne McCarty

Thanks again to all the fabulous designers for your wonderful talent!! See you all again for Greg’s Birthday Contest 2009!!! :)

Bear hugs all around,

xoxoxo… Brian and Greg :)

p.s. I am once again submitting this to all the same groups that approved the first two journals, as an update. My many thanks to all the wonderful hosts who have allowed us to add this journal to your outstanding groups!!!! :)

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