Look What jemimalovesbigted Made For Me...

Since I have been away dealing with drama, I have found that Red Bubble, and all my fellow Red Bubbilans, have been so supportive!! And, this creation by jemimalovesbigted brightened my day the second I saw it!!!! I love the title too! She even dedicated the t-shirt to me!!! This makes me excited and places this beezy on the top of my list of “things to buy when I get some money”. Yesssssss!!!!!!

Here it is up close:

In case you are wondering what it says: “I Am Gay”

Which, I am. I also used to be fluent in Amewrican Sign Language (kind of rusty now, though). So, this shirt is soooooooooooooooooo ME!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Thank you jemima for this and for making my return to the Bubble even better! Much love to you and to you all!!!!

P.S. You should all make a stop over at jemima’s page and check out ALL of her wonderful creations! You can tell her that Bchris sent you. ;o)

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