If You Like to Vote In Challenges...

Then check out:

Designers United group’s Horror Challenge – Photomanipulations depicting the horror theme.

There are a lot of creepy images there. So, if you are a fan of creepy, then check them out for sure!!!! Be sure to vote for the creepiest!!! Maybe it is mine? But there are a lot, so only vote for the creepiest and most well put together!!!!http://images-1.redbubble.net/img/art/framecolor:black/framestyle:box20/mattecolor:bright%20white/pixelsize:170×180/product:framed-print/size:large/view:preview/1000452-4-no-escape.jpg (No Escape by bchrisdesigns)!

or, if you like stillness…check out…

Stillness Speaks group’s Tester One…check check Challenge – The Warm-Up Challenge

There are a lot of hot entries that are begging for eyes to view them and clicks to vote for them…so go on over and vote for the ones that give you the warmiest feeling!!!!http://images-3.redbubble.net/img/art/framecolor:black/framestyle:box20/mattecolor:bright%20white/pixelsize:170×180/product:framed-print/size:large/view:preview/968324-5-little-tree.jpg (Little Tree by bchrisdesigns)!

…if you are into abstract art…be sure to check out…

Dark Cabaret group’s Figurative Abstraction Challenge – depicting the human figure with abstraction!

This is an abstract-lovers treasure cove. There are not too many entries but they are ALL great!! So vote for the one you think best fits the theme!!!!!http://images-1.redbubble.net/img/art/framecolor:black/framestyle:box20/mattecolor:bright%20white/pixelsize:170×180/product:framed-print/size:large/view:preview/908304-4-rawr.jpg (RAWR! by bchrisdesigns)!

…and, finally…if emotional depictions are more your thing…hop on over to…

Emotive Photography – Not Happy Campers group’s Anger Challenge – the best representations of an ANGRY ADULT.

You are sure to find a lot of raging faces here!!! Some great, great stuff!!! You might even catch a glimpse of my hunny over there, but if not – It’s All Good. Vote for the angriest, most raging-est, fiercest evil scowls that you see!!!! Remember, ANGRY ADULT = GOOD in this challenge.!http://images-0.redbubble.net/img/art/framecolor:black/framestyle:box20/mattecolor:bright%20white/pixelsize:170×180/product:framed-print/size:medium/view:preview/1056765-4-greg-at-the-lake.jpg (Greg at the Lake by bchrisdesigns)!

And, if you are looking for more and more and more…check out all of the other challenges that are currently accepting votes!


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