TTV - Viewfinder Textures

I stumbled upon a great Flickr group the other day called Noise and Dust Through The Viewfinder, which was created for people to upload their best Viewfinder Textures for use on commercial, digital TTV work!

You can peruse the gallery and use them for your own work!!!! I have used them in my work and will always refer back to this journal for proper credit. If you have used any, post a link below so that we can all share!!!


~ B :o)

P.S. Note: I have updated information in regards to Dillon’s question…

In regard to commercial use, the group’s creator/moderator says this (in the group’s forums):

“Just by posting in this group, you agree to donate your TTV’s for all creative work. This doesnt mean taking the image and passing them off as your own… If you dont agree with this, then please remove your TTV’s from our lists. (not that we want to lose any!)”

He specifically created the group to find TTV Textures to use in commercial work. (I am assuming “commercial” implies royalty free as long as credit is provided.) By uploading to the group, members agree to this. If there is any concern about it, the originator of the image can be contacted via Flickr or you can post in the group’s forums.

These are my pieces which use any of the above TTV Viewfinder Textures (will add as I create more):

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