The Limerick Challenge Did It!

So, the lovely Anne van Alkemade invited me to participate in some Limericking (Is that even a word? I seem to be coining quite a few new ones today!) over in the forums, and I was more than happy to oblige! After all, he who turns down a Limerick Challenge is a damn fool and not worthy of my attention. Raaaawr!

But I digress…

So, I was Limericking and noticed that I had hit a Red Bubble milestone! I have reached 200 Forum Posts!!!!!! And, all because of a Limerick. Who would have guessed? A Limerick!!!!

This Limerick to be exact:

There once was a guy from So Cali
Who was asked to come dilly-dally
So, he hopped right on in
And made others grin
By adding to the limerick tally!

Well, better a Limerick than a post telling someone to get off their high horse because I have a small donkey for them to ride you know where….

So, in conclusion, if you are in the mood for some Limericking (and, let’s face it – unless you are ill, crazy, or a douche then you should be down), come visit us and give it a go!!!!

For more on Limericking, visit these fine resources:



~ bchris :o)

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