So, since I am part of the Promote Each Other Group, I have decided that one way I can help to promote other RB artists is to present everyone with my current addictions for the previous month. These will be highlights from my favorites list presented here. There is no real theme – just stuff that I like and people/things that have caught my attention!!!!

This first edition will showcase more than usual because I am going to be picking my top seven favorites in each category from my long favorites list of all time. In future months, I will narrow it to five and only pick from the previous month. I will not give reasons as to why I picked a certain piece or artist, I will simply let the selections speak for themselves. If the artists/writers would like me to write a review of their piece or interview them for it to appear on my blog and anywhere else the artist/writer would like, please contact me and we can work something out! I am planning on doing some artist interviews, and stuff on these lists will have first priority!

I will also being adding more Bubble Sites to next month’s list. So, if you have yours done, let me know and I may add it!

Anyways, without further adieu…

AUGUST ADDICTIONS 2008 – A Red Bubble Showcase

Note: Hoovering over images and links will give you more information!


! (Singing in the Tub! by kcranmer)!


! (99 Red Baboons by Oran)!! (Nerd by olechka)!


  1. Making Sense of Senses
  2. Exclamations
  3. Paper Boats
  5. sLuDge
  6. The Flashing Notebook
  7. Hair Trigger


  1. HEY ! im baaa-aack
  2. Tutorial: Photographing the Milky Way with a standard DSLR camera
  3. Cool Effect with the Shape Tool
  4. How to Be Creative
  5. Protect Your Copyright – URGENT ACTION REQUIRED
  6. Photographers – What are you paying for? – Part One
  7. Resolution, Pixels, And DPI






  1. Carrie Glenn Studios
  2. B. Moore Photography & Design
  3. Moments Remembered

PERSONAL NOTE: If anyone would like to use this idea in their own journal, please feel free and leave me a note about it here with a link because I would love to see it! Maybe I will even start showcasing Showcases!

GROUP HOSTS NOTICE: I am submitting this to all of my groups, not as spam, but as in hopes that some of my fellow group members are either interested in this or are represented here. Please feel free to not accept it into the group if you feel it does not meet group guidelines. Thank you.

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