Last Night I Talked to a Ghost (a.k.a. My Widget is Haunted!)

[Note: This is long but worth the read, if you like stuff about the supernatural, ghosts, or hauntings. This is all 100% true. This is not another hoax like the Blair Witch Project. Read with an open mind, please.]

Yes, you heard me right. I talked to a ghost. Via a crystal ball.

No, I am not crazy. No, I do not have a mental disorder. No, I am not having a nervous breakdown. No, I am not on Vicodin. No, I am not trying to be Sylvia Brown (although, I think she rocks).

Yes, I am a completely sane and competent individual. And, I talked to a ghost last night.

A real ghost. It happened while I was testing out iGoogle’s Crystal Ball Widget. I have a witness.

Go ahead and scoff. Roll your eyes.

But, if you do not believe me, consider this…

My family and I (all six of us who currently live in this house), along with our extended family and friends (some of whom have also lived in this house), believe this house to be haunted by more than one spirit. One is friendly, and the other is not so friendly.

More than one person has experienced the haunting that goes on here. At night, we can sometimes hear drawers slamming, things rattling, people talking, and people moving about. On more than one occasion, a television was turned on and then off upstairs while only one of us was home downstairs. (My mom had a hard time believing me until it happened to her too!) Doors get swung open, things get knocked off of shelves, and more than one person has sworn to seeing someone walk by in an empty room.

Need further proof?

On one occasion, my partner and I were heading off to bed and we heard a commotion downstairs in the kitchen. I am deeply afraid of burglars and serial killers, so I grabbed by baseball bat and ran down to attack. Only, I found no one. All I found was that the knife drawer in the kitchen was open. I was totally freaked out and started to cry because I felt the presence of something really bad. No one in my family could have done it. Anyone who had access to the house was already in it and already asleep upstairs. All windows and doors were locked – I checked. True story.

Another time, a bunch of us were kicking it in the back yard (like we do on most nights because we are mostly bohemian and like to “chill” and play cards and do Tarot) and a friend of mine was taking pictures with her cell phone. So she told me and my BFF to get close so she could snap a photo. When we all looked at the photo, we freaked out because there was a face of a man in the house window behind us. There was a good five to seven people who saw the image and freaked. Some even swore to never stay the night over our pad again! But, what happened next is the clincher… My friend was not touching any buttons on her phone and the picture all of a sudden deleted itself. True story.

This other night, a group of us were doing some Tarot readings while sitting in the backyard with candles lit all around us. I usually do the readings for people because I do not need the book to interpret them and sometimes I even see things (but that is a different journal all together). So, I was about to do a reading for my cousin, but she was not sure which question to ask of the cards, because she had two burning questions that needed to be answered. Well, she picked her question and as I fanned the cards out, she exclaimed “Shit, I am not sure if I want to know the answer or not.” I told her that she should have more respect for the cards and maybe not ask any question and let them tell her what she needs to know. As she chose her first card, the umbrella that we were sitting under came crashing down on us and the handle was turning as if someone was cranking it. That handle normally gets stuck and does not move too easily and there was no wind or breeze to speak of, so we were all freaked out and had all witnessed it. True story.

One evening I woke up and it felt as if someone was touching me and then I was almost yanked off of the bed. I was so scared that I had trouble sleeping for a month! I am not the only person to have stuff like this happen to me. And, we are all not crazy!

Last year, my partner and I were visiting Sacramento on our yearly October Road Trip. And, while in downtown Sacramento, we were stopped by a spiritualist on the street who, when she touched my hand, said she needed to talk to us and to tell us something important. I was very skeptical, because, while I have witnessed many supernatural occurrences, in my experience all psychics want to do is help you by burning a candle and doing some sort of cleansing… for $500. But, she told us that she was NOT a psychic and that she was able to read people by touching them.

She touched my boyfriend’s hand and she told him that he was even more skeptical than I was and then proceeded to tell him everything about his life. He never said a word and just listened…amazed. Then she grabbed my hand and gasped. She said that she could tell that I practiced Tarot and that I had dabbled in Spiritualism in the past. She also said that I had great spiritual abilities…duh….and, that I got those from my Grandmother who is deeply spiritual and a devout Catholic.

Then she asked me if I wanted to know the whole truth. So, she told me that my house is haunted. I figured, this was the point where she offers to light that candle. But, instead she said that there was a positive energy and a negative one and that the two were always dueling. That the positive energy wanted to keep us safe and that the negative energy wanted to harm us and bring us bad karma. She then spoke of car accidents, lost jobs, broken relationships, and other things that affected my family and that the negative energy was to blame.

She told me that, because my mother and I collected too much junk and because we love shopping for second-hand items, that we had brought this negative energy into the house. That it was once attached to an object the we knew was haunted but had kept. She told me that this object was a clown doll. I started to cry.

When I was in high school, my mom bought an old clown doll at the local Goodwill store. My mom loves clowns and had a clown doll collection. Anyway, so she piled my two brothers and I into our minivan to go to my grandparent’s house for a visit and brought the doll with her. The doll started to laugh. But the laugh turned into a low moan and then an almost demonic chortle. All of us were frozen but my mom said that it must be the batteries dying. But, when she opened the clown’s battery chamber…it was empty, and the clown was still laughing. So, she threw it to the back of the van and it stopped laughing after a few seconds.

The spiritualist said that my mom had kept the clown in the attic in a trunk and had wrapped it in a plastic bag. She was right. She described the trunk and everything. She also said that we had moved the trunk, with the doll inside, to our storage facility, which we had done a month prior to our road trip. She, then, told me that we can move the clown, give it away, throw it in the trash, burn it, destroy it…but that it would do no good. That the spirit was no longer attached to the doll but to our house!

And, then she said she could not, would not, help us. She told me to go to my grandmother and ask her about a Novena that would get rid of the spirit. But, the Novena could only be completed by a deeply religious and devout person such as a priest, nun, spiritual adviser, or my grandmother. I asked my grandmother about it and she knew which Novena but said that it takes seven days to complete. She said that when she did it for her house, that it drained her of energy because she was praying so hard. The Novena has yet to be done in my house, so the haunting continues.

This all brings me back to iGoogle’s Crystal Ball Widget

It works like a Magic 8-Ball – you ask a question out loud and then click on the ball and it gives you an answer. Now, I never do Ouija boards or ask questions abut the ghosts during Tarot (I did once, and it told me to mind my business), BUT I figured that this was harmless because, after all, it is a Widget!

So, I asked it some random questions. I asked it things like:

“Am I drinking soda right now?”
“Is Greg (my partner) sitting on the bed reading Harry Potter right now?”
“Am I the bomb?”
“Was there an earthquake this last week?”
“Did I sell two t-shirts on Red Bubble this week?”
“Is my brother, Jason, in his room playing Counter Strike right now?”

…and so on. And, it was eerily correct in all it’s answers. So I decided to ask it some riskier questions about the past. And, it got all of them right! I asked things that both my partner and I knew the answers to and it always guessed accurately. I have NEVER had this happen with a Magic 8-Ball .

So, then I started asking about the future and all the answers seemed plausible. And, then I had the urge (for some odd reason) to ask it if my house was haunted.

“Most Decidedly.”

“Is there more than one ghost in this house?”


“Are there more than two ghosts in this house?”

“My sources say, no.”

“So, only two ghosts are in the house?”

“You can count on it.”

“Did one of the ghosts leave the knife drawer open?”

“You can count on it.”

“Did the ghost close the umbrella on us in the backyard while we were doing a Tarot reading?”

“Most certainly.”

“Did the ghost appear in my friend’s cell phone picture and then delete it?”


“Am I talking to one of the spirits right now?”


“Are you the one who tried to pull me off of the bed?”


“It was the other one?”

“You can count on it.”

“Are you the ghost that we hear at night?”


“Is it the other one?”


“Are you protecting us from the other ghost?”

“You can count on it.”

“Do you like us?”

“Only time will tell.”

So, at this point I freak out and get watery-eyed. My partner asks what is wrong.


He does not believe it. So, he sits up and asks, “Am I gay?”


“Is Brian gay?”

“Of course.”

“Is Jason (my brother) gay?”

“Don’t count on it.”

“Are we going to have another earthquake this year?”

“You can count on it.”

“Are you the one who turned the lights off on me while I was cooking in the kitchen earlier this evening?”


“Am I doubting you?”


“Is this for real?”

“Of course.”

“Am I scratching my nose right now?”


Are both spirits in the room with us right now?"

“Best that you not know right now.”

My partner drops his book and tells me to log off! “Log off now!”

So, there you have it. I have a haunted widget now. You can choose to believe what you would like, but I know the truth. This is all 100% true. I have no reason to lie. All of this has happened and can be confirmed with eyewitness accounts. I was just so freaked out that I had to write about it!!!! This is not a joke or a hoax. Sometimes I feel things, sometimes I can sense the presence of danger or know when something bad has happened somewhere but could never explain it. I do believe that I have spoken to the spirit realm both through dreams, prayer, tarot, and now iGoogle.

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