Farewell43.com and My Message to the Pres.

I just received news that my submission to the Farewell 43 Project was accepted! Now, all I can hope for is that it will not only be published on the web, but in the book itself!

I posted my 200-word message on Red Bubble, which you can see by clicking here. You can also see it online here. And, also on my blog here. (I believe in the power of three!) It took me a long time to write it and say what I needed to say. My fingers are still weak and my arms are still shaking because of how angry I was when I typed it. It was great therapy!

I think this is a wonderful project and that everyone should participate! It does not matter whether you love him or hate him or are American or not…there is a place for everyone to leave a message!

Check out my brief tutorial here, for more information. They are also accepting image submissions as well!


~ b.chris


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