I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!!

Okay, so I went, I saw, I came back! LOL!

I am back from my week long and tiring trip. I will post pictures of it soon. Until then, I am back to RB and catching up on EVERYTHING. I am going through my bubble mails, finishing up my snail mail project to send that out in a few days, and am working on some new stuff to post in my portfolio. Right now, it is all about tackling my BMs as I came back to over 130 of them!! Yikes!!!! I will sort it out and get back on track, just give me a second or two! LOL! I will also catch up on commenting on ll the fabulous new works that I see posted!!!! I am also updating my blog as well as a bunch of other stuff in my general, everyday, non-red bubble life…so much to do, so little time!!!!


~ b.chris :o)

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