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Buyer's Booth Photos Perfect for Halloween!!!

I have had a few more models to add to my Halloween t-shirts collection along with Jacqueline [aka Venus], who modeled my Vampire Smile shirt so wonderfully. / A few weeks back, Trena [aka cougarfan] posted some pics to her RB account showing off Mike-o-Lantern along with some pretty freaky paranormal activity that went on during the shoot. Check it out: / Then today, NooneSpecial, uploaded some…
Posted almost 9 years – 3 comments

Bchrisdesigns Does the Homepage!!!

Have you seen the homepage today? It’s monkey madness!!!!! / I stumbled upon If You Could Do Homepage For A Day Which 8 Would You Choose? over in the forums and submitted my idea for a homepage featuring the two things I am addicted to (besides food): monkeys and tees! / I had been away for a few days because my father was hospitalized and I came back to this wonderful monkey madness and i…
Posted almost 9 years – 9 comments

Pray for my Father, Please...

I just got a phone call from my mom telling me that my father has been hospitalized. They think it is his heart this time and are doing tests. / I have to get ready and run over to the hospital to see him before they close, but I just wanted to ask for prayers first. / Thank you so much to you all. I am so emotional right now. Have to go. / xoxoxoxox… ~Bri / ### / UPDATE 10/29/08 / Thank …
Posted almost 9 years – 34 comments

Silhouette Parade

There is a parade of silhouettes going on over at A T-Shirt Revolution group!!! Right now, the heat is on to try and find the best tee silhouette. Check out the competition: / |||||||| / |||||||| / |||||||| / |||||||| / |||||||| / ||||| / So, go check it out and vote for your favorite silhouettes!!!! Hopefully my Sasquatch makes your list! But if not, you owe it to yourself to at least check…
Posted almost 9 years – 3 comments
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