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Buyer's Booth Photos Perfect for Halloween!!!

I have had a few more models to add to my Halloween t-shirts collection along with Jacqueline [aka Venus], who modeled my Vampire Smile shirt so wonderfully. / A few weeks back, Trena [aka cougarfan] posted some pics to her RB account showing off Mike-o-Lantern along with some pretty freaky paranormal activity that went on during the shoot. Check it out: / Then today, NooneSpecial, uploaded some…
Posted over 10 years – 3 comments

Bchrisdesigns Does the Homepage!!!

Have you seen the homepage today? It’s monkey madness!!!!! / I stumbled upon If You Could Do Homepage For A Day Which 8 Would You Choose? over in the forums and submitted my idea for a homepage featuring the two things I am addicted to (besides food): monkeys and tees! / I had been away for a few days because my father was hospitalized and I came back to this wonderful monkey madness and i…
Posted over 10 years – 9 comments

Pray for my Father, Please...

I just got a phone call from my mom telling me that my father has been hospitalized. They think it is his heart this time and are doing tests. / I have to get ready and run over to the hospital to see him before they close, but I just wanted to ask for prayers first. / Thank you so much to you all. I am so emotional right now. Have to go. / xoxoxoxox… ~Bri / ### / UPDATE 10/29/08 / Thank …
Posted over 10 years – 34 comments

Silhouette Parade

There is a parade of silhouettes going on over at A T-Shirt Revolution group!!! Right now, the heat is on to try and find the best tee silhouette. Check out the competition: / |||||||| / |||||||| / |||||||| / |||||||| / |||||||| / ||||| / So, go check it out and vote for your favorite silhouettes!!!! Hopefully my Sasquatch makes your list! But if not, you owe it to yourself to at least check…
Posted over 10 years – 3 comments
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