Missing Redbubble!

Hi Everyone

Just a quick update. I took a break from RB to get on with my studies and also to start the training phase for my new job. The job is going really well and I have now completed my training so I should have a bit more time on my hands.

However, after the storm a couple of weeks back, my computer was fried and I still have no access to my documents where all my work from my studies are kept and of course I cannot do anything with my images until it is repaired which should be by the end of next week (parts have to come over from Singapore).

I am also getting over the flu! I can hear you all saying ahhhhhh which is lovely of you, but I would prefer a few hugs if anyone has any going (no kisses, I wouldn’t want you to catch my germs!!). I will have to crack on with my studies when my computer returns so I could be away for a while longer. Missing you all and I am so sorry I haven’t had time to comment on your wonderful work. See you soon.

Sue xxxx

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