Mary Ann Battle

Columbus, United States

An innovative and unique trio of voice, Mary Battle, Bryan Battle Sr., / and Bryan Battle Jr. take the reader on a poetic voyage back...

Perfumed Legacy

Perfumed legacies are exquisite pieces of black diamonds and cultured pearls.
Some legacies are golden treasures for little girls.

The legacy she leaves behind smells of a love divine.
Some legacies know not when they will pass by!

Some perfumed legacies are sweet smelling honeydews.
Other perfumes are alabaster boxes of eternal love.
The perfumed legacy leaves something to cherish.
She speaks of eternal love from the eternal Dove.

Perfumed legacies are breathing today.
It is in a blossoming pink tea rose.
It is in the red pearls and white panty hoes.

Perfumed legacies are in golden butterflies.
These legacies never die.

A perfumed legacy is tangible.
It is something the eye cannot always see.
A perfumed legacy is you.
A perfumed legacy is me.

Perfumed legacies breathe life from olden days.
Perfumed legacies lift Him high and give Him praise.

Think of what you will leave behind.
A perfumed legacy just left the room.
We breathe and remember her precious heirloom.

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  • Robbin Rae Romiguiere