The Faithful Servant

Time is the enemy of us all.
It shall wait for no man, short or tall.

The faithful servant repeated these words.
He knew that the enemy seeks to devour.
He knew it was the final hour.

He looked to God to bring him some help.
He required assistance from the Man in the sky.

He trusted God to bring him out of the mess.
His faith delivered us from the evil one.
This we must confess.

His faith leads us not into temptation.
His faith delivered us from our own elevation.

His faith brought us into the land to stay.
Man has gone astray.

Nevertheless, the faithful servants have remained.
God gave them a new name.

Your name shall no longer be X.
X is the unknown factor.

The Y and the X shall meet again.
They shall meet each other at the Oracle of life.

The faithful leader understands the X factor.
The mystery of God is not meant for man.

It is a mystery why we are still here.
By and by, we are always near.
And as sure as day follows day,
It will become quite clear why we are here!

Faith and Fate met at an intersection one day,
And there was a head on collision!

God saved them both!
Blessed is the child that walks not in the way of sinners.
Blessed is the child that will not sit in the seat of the scornful.
His delight belongs to God.
His delight is his faithfulness to the Ruler of Heaven and Earth.

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