Two Ships at Sea

A wise man once told me a story of two ships at sea.
These two ships argued over the water.

They tossed fingers at each other and could not get along.
They even made up hateful songs.

One ship filed a lawsuit against the other ship.
The other ship countered and dipped.

Both ships ended up in court.
The plaintiff versus the defendant, along with the cohort.
They argued their case back and forth. Ping-pong with a spin, no one wins.

Finally, the judge got very angry at the little ships with bees.
And, both ships were cast back into the sea.

The judge dismissed the case without merit.
The ships were back at square one.
The ships were not done.

The plaintiff and the defendant both looked like fools.
Jews suing the Gentiles over territorial waters.

God chastised both of them.
He threw these brothers into the sea.

He gave them both a stern warning.
Do not ever come back into God’s courtroom.

God told them to get along and stop fighting.
They were going to wreck.
God told them to come with the utmost respect.

They were walking on holy ground.
Neither the plaintiff nor the defendant knew
They were arguing over God’s sea and God’s mound.

The sea belongs to God.
Man cannot fight over what he does not own.

All power belongs to God.
What we own and possess belongs not to us.
There is no need to make a fuss.

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