A Thousand Years

A Thousand Years

A thousand years and still we fly.
A thousand years has passed memory by.

These years is just a watch in the night.
The watch and the clock are still ticking;
So why are we frozen in time?

A thousand years and still we learn.
A thousand years and we yet earn.

A child of one thousand years is perfection in the mirror.
The child of tomorrow learns to wipe away tears of sorrow.

In a thousand years, humanity will be free.
In a thousand years, there will be no fear.

Freedom in the world and peace for all mankind.
This is the hope and dream of one child, only nine.

A thousand years will ring for the little child.
They desire wings to fly free in the wild.

One thousand years of peace,
Let’s dream together!
One thousand years, one thousand feathers!

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