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Mornington Peninsula RB Meet Photos

Here are some of the photos from yesterdays RB meet (I do have more)!! Did I mention I had a great time and we should do this more often !!!

Ohh, and yes, I did get Andrew’s permission to publish his ‘cleavage’!

Enjoy :o) B.

How do I download photos to the journal??

I want to put up a photo journal from the Mornington Peninsula group meet yesterday but can’t remember (yes,, I know me how to do it Jared!) how to put the photos in the journal so they are a decent size.. Can someone explain how I can do this is simple language preferably! Thank you in advance! Basia

Website setup qustion

Hi Again!
I need help! Well, finally I have registered a business name… Very boring…. ‘Basia McAuley Photography’ and I want to get a web site up and running. My name (obviously) is available and I want to buy this and start getting my website in order.

My first question is: who would be a good Co. to register the name with in Victoria?? I have looked into ‘MelbourneIT’, but in the confirmation it states ‘Free One Page WebSite 1 Pack’.. I’m not sure what this means.. Do I have to pay for the other pages or do you only need one page for a basic website? Can anyone explain this to me (I’m not very tech savvy!)… I’m sure I’ll have other questions but one thing at a time.


ND filter help

I’m looking to buy a decent ND filter. Does anyone have any suggestion on which one would be the best to buy to use in long exposure landscape / coastal shots..

Thank you so much in advance!!!

Best lenses for weddings

I’ve asked lens questions before but now this one is more specific…
I have a Nikon D200 with a Nikon 18-200mm lens and a Nikon 14-24mm wide angle lens.

What I want to know in your opinion, what is the BEST lens to use for weddings??? And..

Are the two lenses I have enough or should I invest in another lens to shoot weddings??

Thank You in advance!

Basia xx

Lens Help

Hi Everyone!
I need some help! I am about to buy a new lens.. or two and have a Nikon D200. Anyway, my question is what would be the best one to get?? I already have a Nikon 18-200mm 3.5-5.6 72mm. I was thinking of a wide angle and/or macro.. I also want to know which ones would be THE BEST to buy from Nikon. Thank you so much in advance!
And a quick thank you once again for the feedback and sale :o) Basia

Wedding help!

I’ve been asked to shoot a wedding in February for a friend. This is definitely not a direction which I would want to go it but I thought it would be fun (and challenging).. Anyway, does any one have any advice regarding what to actually do?!?!
What is ‘must have’ equipment for a wedding shoot (apart from a camera!)?? and
I have a Nikon D200 and need a flash,, can anyone recommend a good one?!
B. xx

Thanks for the cleaning instructions!

Thank you to everyone who answered my call for help on how to clean my sensor in my D80! My next question is… How do I actually keep the sensor open in this camera?? I can’t find a function which does keep it open?! I already have the cleaning kit and do want to attempt to do it my self. Thank you again in advance! Basia

Nikon D80 Help..

I think I have some dust on my D80 sensor / lens.. what ever you call it (not good at technical stuff as you can see!). Can anyone please tell me how to clean it?! Thanks in advance! Basia

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