The No. 1 Ski Resort in China -- Yabuli Ski Resort

It’s a pity if you don’t go skiing when you visit Harbin because this sport is full of challenge, excitement, endurance, relaxation, and above all things, there are many excellent world-class ski resorts near Harbin for the skiing enthusiasts. So be kitted out to enjoy skiing, to enjoy the après-ski now!

Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in China with the best facilities and it is the main training base for the Chinese ski team.The Yabuli Ski Resort (Yabuli huaxue chang) is located in Shangzhi city, a county city about 150 km east of Harbin. The resort is one of the best natural skiing resorts in China since it was reopened to the public in 1980.

Yabuli’s winter weather and large amount of snowfall has resulted in the best snow quality in China. The lowest temperature in winter is 44 degrees below zero and the average temperature is 10 degrees below zero. The average snowfall is 20-50cm at lower part of the mountain, 100cm at the top of the mountain. Ski season in Yabuli begins from the middle of November and ends in late March.

Yabuli Ski Resort: varied terrain for skiers of every level. There are 11 primary, intermediate and advanced ski runs. The 500-meter-long beginner trails are creatively designed with technical aids available enabling first timers to have their first try and other beginners to progress. The advanced trail 3080 meters in length set 1374 meters above sea level with the vertical drop of 804 meters that will give expert skiers the challenge they are looking for. The alpine ski run here is the longest in Asia. The 5-kilometer-long cross country runs through the dense forests will allow you to take in the unique scenery.

Yabuli Ski Resort consists of Alpine Skiing Area and Tourism Skiing Area, covering 22.55 square kilometers. In the Alpine Skiing Area, there are Skifields, 9 ski trails for alpine skiing, 7 ski trails for cross country skiing, 6 cable car systems and Schanzes(platforms) respectively, one 90-meter-high Schanze for alpine skiing, shooting range, gymnasium, athletes’ village etc. these facilities are all with a very high international standard. In the Tourism Skiing Area, there are 11 ski trails with standardized high-level, intermediate, and primary dimensions. Totally 30km, among the trails, there are a 5-kilometer ski trail (No.5 ski trail), one 5-kilomere circular ski trail for cross country skiing, 6 tourism cable car systems, and one 2-kilomere way for hovercraft, snowmobiles, and sleds.

Besides, there is an all-weather mock skiing park (with stainless steel ski trail introduced from German, this trail has a total length of 2,680m, 570m in height, and 48 curves) is found there. At the same time, there are 3 skifields for the beginners, one night hill for adults, one skiing entertainment area for children, and the Tianyin Lake Ice Fairyland.

In addition, the Yabuli Ski Resort provides plenty of extra facilities for the visitors. To be sportful, you can use the golf course, tennis court, racecourse, and swimming pool; to be exciting, you can participate in the amusement program in the Haohanpo reservoir; and to be adventurous, you can experience the fire balloon, parasail and helicopter in the sky.

The natural landscape in Yabuli Ski Resort is fascinating in winter. To be lulled, you can visit the Sun Island Park, Jile Temple the famous Siberian Tiger Park . And if you want to experience the exotic foreign flavor, you can visit the Central Street that was known as the largest and longest pedestrian street in Asia

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