In Progress - Guitar Notes Commission - Part I

I recently picked up my first commission work from a fan at the Tualatin Art Splash show. He wanted me to draw a picture of his Yamaha SG2000 electric guitar – a very lovely and classic guitar by the way. So he sent me some pictures and we discussed colors, poses, etc.

Now the fun begins….

The first step was to lightly draw the outlines of the guitar and it’s various parts. Then I apply rubber drawing-gum to masque out white areas. Here the background colors have been added. Plastic wrap lends a hand with creating bleeds and lines.

Here you can see the drawing gum lines a little better. When the gum is removed it will leave only white, un-painted paper behind.

After painting the main body colors some additional watercolor work was added to create the black back of the body, pick guard, and pickups. Once dried, all of the drawing-gum was removed. Time for ink – I started with the fretboard because I had targeted it as the area with the most difficult lines. The frets, binding, and inlays all come together in tight spaces.

More progress on the ink work.

Most of the body components have been finished. Should be starting on the headstock tonight…


The Final Piece

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