Devonian Blues: Trilobites

This is the second piece in a series focusing on the great proliferation and diversity of life during the ancient Devonian Period. Here we check out some trilobites.

Watercolor and Acrylic

Original Dinosaur and Prehistoric Art by by Bart Castle

Raptor Magnolia

The magnolia family of flowers is one of the most ancient, easily overlapping well into the reign of the dinosaurs. For me there is something magical about dinosaurs and flowers in the same scene together, as if dinosaurs needed to be any more fantastic!

Watercolor and Acrylic

Original Dinosaur and Flower Art by by Bart Castle

Sea shell study

Just playing around with some color and black ink streaks. A sea shell lies on the ocean floor.

Ink on Watercolor

Original Sealife and Ocean Art by by Bart Castle

Beads and Trinkets

Beads and trinkets, whether they be fine or simple, shiny or sharp, stone or clay have been a part of human culture for ages. What sort of symbols or emblems do you wear and what is their significance?

Ink on Watercolor

Original Fantasy and Whimsical Art by by Bart Castle


The mighty mosasaurus – a true sea monster. One of the most bad ass marine reptiles of all time. This piece was inspired by a set of fossilized jawbones that I picked over the summer – apparently they are rather common fossils, as is common with much prehistoric sea-life.

Ink on Watercolor

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Original Dinosaur and Paleontology Art by Bart Castle

In progress - Cavern of the Dragon-tongued Tendrils - part 1

This was a piece that I did the watercolor work on a few weeks ago and am just now getting around to the ink work. The piece is highly experimental and interpretive so I won’t talk to much about it also I’m largely making this one up as I go…

The background colors are guiding me here. I am feeling like the green areas will transition from the carved stone work into plant-esque doodles which will be tipped in red at the ends, to contrast the purple. I think…

In Progress - Guitar Notes Commission - Part II

This is the second part of the SG200 Electric Guitar picture in my Crazy Notes Series which is being done as a commission for a fan here in Oregon.

Started on the headstock outlines and working on the tuners.

Headstock is pretty much wrapped up. I couldn’t resist adding my classic broken string although I haven’t finished the other strings yet.

Got the first note added….

2 more notes in the mix


The Final Piece

In Progress - Guitar Notes Commission - Part I

I recently picked up my first commission work from a fan at the Tualatin Art Splash show. He wanted me to draw a picture of his Yamaha SG2000 electric guitar – a very lovely and classic guitar by the way. So he sent me some pictures and we discussed colors, poses, etc.…

Now the fun begins….

The first step was to lightly draw the outlines of the guitar and it’s various parts. Then I apply rubber drawing-gum to masque out white areas. Here the background colors have been added. Plastic wrap lends a hand with creating bleeds and lines.

Here you can see the drawing gum lines a little better. When the gum is removed it will leave only white, un-painted paper behind.

After painting the main body colors some additional watercolor work was added to create the black back of the body, pick guard, an

Tualatin Art Splash - Sold my first original

Getting back to work this morning after being at the annual Tualatin Art Splash show and sale on Saturday and Sunday. It was a pretty epic weekend according to the organizers and they were thrilled to see all the support from the local Art community not to mention the record-setting sales that the 50+ artists netted.

I wanted to throw up a Thank You note to everyone who visited with me at my booth this weekend. I met some great individuals and couples and I am so appreciative of those who took some of my work home.

In particular, a special thanks to the wonderful couple from Tigard, OR who lovingly purchased the original pencil drawing of Uke Bear. It meant a lot to me knowning how much you liked the piece and I know it I will be loved in it’s knew home…

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