moving updates

Ok so here are somethings that have been happening in the last few months. Know one is probably reading this at this point in time, i realize that but i just figured I would write a few things that have been happening for my own purposes and who knows a few family members and friends might start reading this when we actually do leave. So here we go. Plans have changed since I last wrote from Mexico in August. Long story short, Mahual was not the town for me n amber, it was beautiful and the people were very welcoming, but it just didn’t feel right. So we are looking back to Las Terrenas Dominican Republic. It has been a pretty stressful few months as we have been reducing the price on our house and not too much intrest has come out of it. There was a few weeks ago a couple were interested in the house and their decision was between ours and another, but I am assuming they chose the other as we havn’t heard anything back. So anyway we have been pushing for Selling by January so hopfully things will work out. We do have a showing Tomorrow morning so I am hoping something will click and things will start to get going. Things are going to be crazy when we finally do sell, from selling all the things we don’t need, moving our stuff to alberta, taking the dogs with us on the plane, it is definetly going to be the experiance of a lifetime, and it will make for good stories. So I will keep this blog updated when i have something new to say or just when I am bored. So you can check it out when your bored or whatever, and thats about it, hopfully I will have some exciting news soon!
take it easy!

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