How to do Moasic images.

I have been asked to post information on how to do a mosaic or collage by Helua The web site I use is BigHugeLabs .
This web site is part of Flickr so if you have an account it is easy to get started. If you don’t have a flickr account and don’t want to create one you can actually do the work from It is just easier and faster to upload your images to Flickr and delete them afterwards if you don’t want to keep them in a flicker folder.

DO NOT FORGET THE “S” IN BIGHUGELABS – bighugelab without an “s” is a porno site so be sure to keep the “s” in the name.

The program “Moasic is the sixth one down on the right side of the column of different programs you can use in
Once you get into the program it is fairly straight forward. You set the number of rows and columns you want to use in the mosaic and that will determine the number of upload spaces the program gives you to upload your images. There are a couple of options for saving the finished mosaic. I personally just right mouse click on the finished image and then select “Save Picture as…” to save it to one of my folders. I have to use an digital enlargement program because the images saved that way is only about 900 X 600 megapixels in the “Save Picture as…” format so it is not large enough to use in Redbubbe.
Flickr is a free account web site if you don’t exceed their upload size limits. It is a little confusing to set up the account then figure how to upload your images and place them in a “set” but if the dummy here can do it then most of you could also. If you have Photoshop and are proficient in using it you can do the same type of mosaic work in that program. Hope this gets you on your way.


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