Still Around but Internet Challenged...Somewhere in INDIA!!


How far away and other wordly life feels when the internet is out of reach!

Have been travelling on an extended journey through incredible India since the end of October. Expecting to still be here, somewhere on the map until the start of April. My camera is happy beyond its wildest dreams, and I am thoroughly fascinated and intrigued by each new day in this most unique cultural feast of a country. HOWEVER, I am forever tortured by the great dilemma I face on a regular basis of finding a decent internet hookup in internet cafes. argh.

Here I am in Mumbai, on my last night of a week of amazing moments and once again, the computer will not read my extended hard drive, so uploads are a fantasy unfulfilled. India is like that It decides for you how things will go. Remaining flexible

For 3 Days Only Starting TODAY! :-))

Hi Everyone!

Big news! Just received word that 50 prints of my image “Divide and Conquer” taken in the largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia has been selected among 30 photographic images to be sold for 3 days only on Gilt Groupe, an online sales catalogue with a 5 million client base.
Check it out, here

Fingers crossed!
Val :-))

On October 1st 2011 You can help heal someone's life

All along the Eastern Seaboard, Hurricane Irene left a wake of misery and destruction. The Catskill Mountains were dealt a Huge blow.

Homes are gone forever.
Possessions Lost.
Trauma is being felt by so many.
Some towns in The Catskill Mountains will never be the same again—
and a few may never recover.

What can You do?

On October 1st, 2011 Trillium Gallery will be holding an art sale for the victims of Irene.

For more details, please read here

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and donate $20

Val :-)

Lend me your wisdom on India!

So, I’m on hiatus from work for a year or as long as I can keep this up and I’ve just booked my flight to Delhi, where I plan to journey around for about 5 months! Looking for a volunteer opportunity, much photo op, and yoga here and there. This is a backpacking deal…

I should probably mention I’m comfortable travelling, usually on my own, have lived in Japan for 4 years, S. Korea for a year, and most recently in Guatemala for 4 years, as well as, have travelled through most of Asia, Central America and South America. The more 3rd world the more intriguing for me…

Anyone been? Looking for any advice for anywhere in India. Starting with Delhi? Would appreciate any words from the wise…

What have you done and where have you been in India? Pros and cons in your experience?

Val :-)

My work is in exhibition in SoJie 12!


The Gaze
by ValRose Photography


   Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to exhibit in SoJie 12. SoJie 12 takes its name from the first letters of Solo’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 12th one, ever, and 120 other members of the Solo Exhibition group, besides myself, are represented.

This exhibition is based on a workshop, in which I participated, where member artists translated member photographers’ images to traditional art medium.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on August 31st, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in three categories: photography, traditional art, and a special category based on the paired works.

Non members, as well as members, ARE welcome to view

Homepage Feature Today 8.6.11!!! Yay!

What a lovely surprise to return from a Bubblers Meet in Montreal today and find that I’m on the homepage!! So cool! Thank you so much, plunder for curating this lovely layout! …and huge congrats to the 7 other featured artists!

Locked on Yellow

Just a reminder, I’ve entered an international competition, here
Would really appreciate your vote on my image Having a Blast

Just click on the blue writing at the top that says, “Vote for Me!” You can actually vote again everyday!! Feel free! lol! Thanks so much!!

Happy Weekend, all!
Val :-))

Would very much appreciate your support! Please read on...

First of all, I never really announced that I’ve decided to use “ValRose Photography” instead of “bareri” since I expect to start using a professional photo site soon and figured this name might serve me better on an international scale in the long run!

Second, I’ve entered my image “Having a Blast” in an international photo competition and would be grateful for your support with a vote, here
You can vote at the top of the page, if you like…(and I hope you like!!)

Val :-))

A Sale! Thank you!!

Very grateful to the unknown buyer who purchased a greeting card of my image I wonder if he knows the impact his work will have on so many…

On Wednesday morning, I am set to leave my life of 4 years here in Guatemala City. I’ve let go of much of my possessions and said most of my farewells. Still trying to figure out how to meet the airline bag restrictions…yet in the end, what I will value the most from my experience of living and working in this part of the world is the honour of knowing real people like the man on this card. They work so hard for so little and always have a friendly smile…always.

Val :-))

Meeting Ray in Guate and Happy Earth Day!

Had the pleasure of meeting Ray, RamonFemandez this week on San Pedro, Atitlan and then again in Panajachel, Solola in Guatemala. It was perfect timing that we’d both be spending some Semana Santa (Holy Week/Easter) holiday time in the same part of Guatemala and were able to cross paths. What a charming guy! It was fun chatting and then exploring the area with our cameras. I don’t often get pictures of myself while traveling, since I’m usually the one “getting the shot,” and my dslr in someone else’s hands tends to result in a bit of a blur…
Thanks, Ray, for being kind enough to get me in some of your wonderful Guate shots and for sharing the experience. It’s a fantastic memory! :-)))…

The following images were taken with the ever-charming, 90 year old, Don Andres

“Don Andres y Yo”

“Don An

Oh my! I owe a lot of thank you's...

In all the languages I know: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MIL GRACIAS, MERCI BEAUCOUP, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA (本当にありがとうございました) to the following:…

1. The lovely and very talented Ainsley Kellar for PURCHASING A GREETING CARD of A Good Laugh
– That’s more for Japan.

2. Creative, Talented & Unknown, HIGH QUALITY IMAGE, Photography Challenge, #1 Artists of RedBubble, Captital Cities of the World, Rainbow, The Weekend Photographer, 50+Group, Volcanoes, Earths Geology & Atmosphere, Pastels & Whites, Cuba Libre, CHALLENGE WINNERS VAULT, Tone It Down, Time Gates, JPG Cast-Offs, Extra-Ordinary Photography, Wall of the World, Visualizing Emotion, Flowering Bulbs, Candid Photography, Sharing & Caring, Tools for RECOGNIZING and FEATURING my work in the past 18 days!

Some of my favourites, here:

Finding Peace i

Trillium Gallery Black and White Show opens April 16, 2011, Reception at 3pm!!!

Hi Everyone! If by chance you’re in Catskills, NY, this is one not to miss!

Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 3pm, Maureen Maliha and her Trillium Gallery are proud to present…

The Beauty of Black and White Photography featuring the photographic works of talented fellow redbubblers, Rosa Roca, Peter Lessey, Simone Fisher, Peter Reed, and Erik Kiviat.

Live music, food, and wonderful art will be shared, not to mention a fantastic opportunity to meet other artists.

Wish I could be there, but Guate is a bit out of the way! If you can’t make it, check out the website. Many of us have online galleries with Trillium, as well, including mine

Wishing Maureen and all of the featured artists a fantastic show!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
Val :-))

"Courage doesn't always roar..."

So pleased to see my image, “Courage doesn’t always roar…” dead center of the Explore page today! This one has become buried within my thickened portfolio, so thrilled to see it surface again and to be reminded of this ever-inspiring quote…especially because work has been kicking me in the @#& lately! lol!

Thank you, RB! :-)) val

Can Art Change the World?

Inside Out Project: INSIDE OUT is a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. Upload a portrait. Receive a poster. Paste it for the world to see.

Please give this video about 25 minutes of your curiosity. It’s wonderfully inspiring!

(Click on the image to link to the video site.)

For more info regarding the project, click here

…and happy weekend!
val :-)

I will donate 50% of any royalties earned on RB to JAPAN!

Dear RB Friends,…

Have you seen this wonderful thread? JAPAN CRISIS – HELP WITH YOUR HEART

As you may have seen in a recent journal post, my image “Ohayogozaimasu! (Good Morning!)” was selected for National Geographic’s Daily Dozen on March 16, 2011. What an honor this was, not only for the personal meaning this memory holds for me, in having accomplished the climb, but for the strong impact living in Japan for 4 years continues to have on me.

I will be sending 100% of my royalties from sales of this image to"

(Please click on the mounted print!)

In addition, I will be donating 50% of any royalties earned on my work sold on RB. I have already made a personal donation to and would like to continue supporting their wonderful efforts to help Japan.

Some of m

I have my own gallery in Host Hullabaloo! Would love to have you!

Although I’ve already sent a journal inviting all of you to come visit, it’s now official!!! You’re REALLY invited!! lol! Please consider joining Solo Exhibition so you can comment! Otherwise, thanks so much for checking it out!…

“Japanese Pilgrimage” has been featured in Solo Exhibition
What an honor!!


I have my very own Gallery in HOST HULLABALOO!,
the second annual event produced and sponsored by
the Solo Exhibition group, to celebrate art by group
hosts of RedBubble.

Here’s a clickable tear sheet from my gallery at the second annual Host Hullabaloo!
click it to go straight to my gallery there

View all 45 host galleries!

While only members of Solo can comment there, EVERYONE can look. If you’re not a member of the group, then you can comment HERE, in this

Check out Japanese RB artist, yosshie's work!!

yosshie (Yoshihiro) is a dear friend of mine from Japan. Thankfully, he and his family are fine. They were living in a suburb of Yokohama, but thanks to a bmail I just woke up to, found out they’ve moved further south to Hyogo, where he’s managed to get work in his old office in Osaka.
He’s quite new to RB and has barely joined any groups. Please take a moment to view his portfolio of images from Japan and some of his travels outside the country.

…and if you haven’t yet, please donate to one of the many Japan Relief agencies.Tatum Wulff has made a wonderful effort to share info. to help you, here

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Val :-))

Great News!!!

Yesterday, I was thrilled to find that my image “Not in the Mood” was purchased as a greeting card by BabyM2 as a gift for a special person. So honored!!

Today, I woke up to find a bmail from two very talented RB artists Tatum Wulff and Simone Fisher informing me (thank you both so much!!!) that my image, "Ohayogozaimasu! (Good Morning!) ": had been selected for today’s National Geographic Daily Dozen, HERE The next step is to accumulate enough votes to be published. Would be most grateful if you’d take a moment to vote, here

This is above and beyond such a meaningful recognition.
So deeply honored.
Val :-)

My heart is drowning for the Japanese people...

…I lived in Osaka for 3 years and Kobe, commuting every day to Osaka for an hour by train for a year. I was drawn to this compelling culture of constant contrast between the traditional and the modern after a span of 10 years of developing intrigue. I cried with joy the day I landed and bawled as I looked down to this view on my exit.

I can’t tell you how many foreigners I’ve met who, only even having known Japan for a single year, yearn to be back there again someday, like some piece of them is missing. It’s that impacting. Can’t even explain it.

I never made it to Tohoku, the northerm region of Honshu, which includes Sendai and the surrounding affected areas, and I don’t know anyone from there, so I am fortunate, not to have lost anyone in the tragic natural disaster of March 11, 2011…

I must thank the following people...

1. A belated thank you to Nayko for purchasing a greeting card of my image, Nothing of interest here…

2. I’d like to extend my gratitude to shanghaiwu for going out of her way to draw my attention to RedBubble on Twitter where my work has been mentioned and highlighted!

3. So, my final thank you goes to Victor Bezrukov waitin’ for rain for being kind enough to mention me in the article!

You just never know what wonderful news you’re going to wake up to!!
Val :-)

SOLD: 4 Greeting Cards! Yay!

Such a lovely surprise today to find that 4 of my images were sold on greeting cards to dsimhome
Such an honor!!

(All clickable images)

It continues to amaze me to see what a buyer will choose out of my portfolio!
Very grateful to the buyer!
Val :-))

Pay it forward...

I recently received an invite to contribute to a forum in the RB Community regarding artists whose work inspires me. Honestly, it was just short of painful to have to pinpoint, I am inspired by SO MANY of you for a wide variety of reasons. I chose just a few to be able to contribute, but bareful made a dent in the list of who I’d like to honor for this purpose…
See here
…and have a wonderful weekend!

Val :-)))

Looking for a good Photography course in India this Fall! Anyone know of a good school?

So, I’m quitting my job, well finishing my contract here in Guatemala City in June and planning on taking a year to take some risks and chase a dream or two. The latest big plan is to study Photojournalism in India for a few months starting in the Fall. Volunteer work may be in the picture, as well…

But can anyone recommend a good Photography school/ Photojournalism course somewhere in India? If not could you please fave this so it finds someone who is from India or has info for me?

Thanks so much!
Val :-)

p.s. Yes, the Year of the Rabbit promises to be interesting!

Looking for more advice...

How about shutterstock sites? Does anyone have a recommendation for a good opportunity? Have you had good or bad experiences with this avenue of selling work? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

:-)) v.

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