Still Around but Internet Challenged...Somewhere in INDIA!!


How far away and other wordly life feels when the internet is out of reach!

Have been travelling on an extended journey through incredible India since the end of October. Expecting to still be here, somewhere on the map until the start of April. My camera is happy beyond its wildest dreams, and I am thoroughly fascinated and intrigued by each new day in this most unique cultural feast of a country. HOWEVER, I am forever tortured by the great dilemma I face on a regular basis of finding a decent internet hookup in internet cafes. argh.

Here I am in Mumbai, on my last night of a week of amazing moments and once again, the computer will not read my extended hard drive, so uploads are a fantasy unfulfilled. India is like that It decides for you how things will go. Remaining flexible and open is fundamental to surviving here as a traveler. As the sun rises each new day, I try again to find peace with how much is out of my control and thankfully, surprise myself when least expected, and India offers a smile of comfort. It’s been a travel experience like no other in my 10 years out of North America.

…And so I am writing here, in particular, to say a massive THANK YOU to all the comments and faves and features that I have been unable to follow up on since on this road less-travelled.

I am truly grateful for your continued support. It really does mean a lot and I look forward to having the luxury of proper internet time one of these days again, to browse and enjoy other wonderful works in return.

Hope everyone’s doing well and wishing you a very satisfying holiday season!

Love from somewhere in India.
Val :-))

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