First of hopefully many

Between studying, being a mum, trying to write, running a business and keeping a house sort of clean I sometimes feel like my head might POP. This would be an interesting addition to my day, however here is a quick spin on my day so far.

1:30am, Baby cries, lie in the dark listening to see if it’s a "come now you lazy cow’ cry or a ‘I thought I would wake you but I don’t really want anything’ cry

3am – wake with a start, toddler at my head asking for water, realise I must have fallen asleep, I guess the baby didn’t want anything afterall. Pull the toddler into bed and then spend the next hour going over possible Haiku’s about how hot it is

6:50am -Husband says to get up he is leaving. The angel has fed & dressed both children

7am – boil kettle, breast feed baby, change dirty nappy, empty full potty, wipe toddlers bottom, clean up wee off kitchen floor, do dishes, drink cold tea.

8am – Turn TV on fro toddler, insert cat in the hat in dvd for millionth time, gave baby dummy, read emails, log onto uni website, read the 15 new posts from overnight(does no-one sleep?) reply to realestate agent with changes to ad for house, send freind text to tell about redbubble, make another cup of tea. Give children a biscuit, clean up more wee of kitchen floor

9am- Put baby to bed, encourage toddler to use potty, give toddler yogurt with oats, print out reading for uni, have shower, ignore phone while in shower, shave legs, underarms, bikini line, ignore phone for second time, finish shower, respond to toddlers insitance to go outside with a very firm NO, answer phone , it’s electrician saying has rang doorbell and phone twice and is outside, apologise to toddler for misunderstanding, ask electrician for 5 minutes as have just got out of shower and am naked, electrician very understanding, quickly apply makeup so do not scare electrician, make bed so electrician does not think I have just gotten up, throw on clothes so do not scare electrician with nakedness, answer door.
9:30am – Electrician is very young boy, am wearing very short dress, electrician gives very big grin and asks to see the aircon unit, point to bedroom and feel slightly tarty in short dress and stranger in bedroom with toddler at feet and baby crying in other room. Electrician asks for aircon to be turned on, obliging I flick switch, air con shudders into function (aircon has previously NOT been working) ask electrician what he did, changed fuse, hmm feel very stupid, blame hubby for stupidity, escort electrician to door and thank for time, electrician big grin says no probs any time.

10am – Baby still crying, hubby rings, explain what happened wih electrician, hubby laughs, baby still crying, wipe up more wee, do dishes, do office work and prepare banking.

10:45am – Turn baby monitor off so do not have to hear baby crying, reply to emails, call hubby back to confirm work, give toddler muesli bar and read story at desk while typing.

11am – Prepare bottle, turn on Rags for toddler, go to get baby, baby is now asleep(of course) wake baby for bottle, feed baby bottle while reading uni stuff, convince toddler to use potty, pack bag for outing (2 x nappies, 4 x biscuits, 2 x water, 1 x wipes, 1 x nappy bags, 1 x wallet, 1 x bank book, 1 x toy horse, 1 x spare dummy, 2 x sun hats, 1 x sunscreen, 1 x phone, 1 set of keys) Dress children in appropriate clothes for 38 degree temperature (barely anything) dress self for 38degree temperature (again barely anything) Carry baby, massive bag, and hold toddlers hand while trying to open close lock front door, open buckle close car doors, drive out of drive way.

11:30 am – Drive down road whilst trying to pass toddler bottle, collect mail at post box, park car in underground park which is way too small for large four wheel drive, set up pram, collect huge ba, place toddler in pram, place baby in pram, give each child water and biscuit for entertainment, put toy car back in car, give toy car back to screaming toddler, walk to bank, smile politely at old ladies inane comments on double decker pram, bank cash after filling out slip at counter because forgot much to annoyance of clerk, walk back to bookstore to find thriller for uni assessment, get lost in new releases until toddler starts yelling to get out, give toddler another biccie to keep quiet, check baby, happy good

12pm – hurriedly select thriller novel and pay at counter after toddler decides that no amount of food will keep peace, cross road juggling wallet, keys, credit card and discarded biscuit, walk back through plaza, run over young girls toes, apologies over shoulder, hastily shove children in car, pack pram up, jump in ca, head for home

12:30pm – Allow toddler to climb out of car byself, struggle to pick up with baby in arms when falls out, carry both children shopping mail massive bag and self in house, struggle with lock on door, pussh door open, door slams back due to aircon being left on, push door again and shove toddler through before slams, shoulder door open again and enter house, sit baby in high chair, prepare canned food for childrens lunch, shovel food in baby mouth, offer fruit as reward to toddler for eating all lunch, give baby water, clean up mess, throw all in sink, tell toddler bed time, change baby nappy, sit toddler on potty, put baby in bed with just nappy and dummy, strip toddler off put in bed with book to read to self, close door, pour self glass of coke zero, sit at computer start typing!!

My day so far……. what have left to do is, eom reconciliation, eom statements, meet friends for afternoon swim (will not even begin to describe what that involves) make dinner, feed and bath children, do dishes, wash all soiled toddler clothes from days accidents, finish assessment Haiku, start assessment Sonnet, service husband, shower agin, check house is secure, fall into exhausted sleep to start all again.

Talk tomorrow to let you know how it all went!

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