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Maxie, a sad tale

September 25th, I noticed that Max seemed to be having some trouble seeing. As the days continued on, it got worse… he started bumping into things. But the biggest problem was when the sun set. IF he went out at all, he would panic and start running into the fence, the house, the garage.. he would get so distressed that he would begin panting and when I’d try bring him in.. he’d fight me! Finally, when he got back inside, the whites of his eyes would be completely red.
With all the turmoil that’s been happening in my life (my youngest son lost his job, his wife left him and took the baby, he got evicted from his house and now him, 2 kids and a dog are living here), I feel it is so unfair to keep Max alive just because we can’t let go. His life has little quality.. he can’t be walked because he panics, at night – if there is no light on in the kitchen – he won’t go and drink water, he won’t go up the stairs, he won’t hop up on the furniture.. he won’t go out – he’ll get to the door and turn around and head back into the livingroom .. he just lays.. and sleeps. When he walks around, I keep talking to him so he can follow the sound of my voice but that doesn’t always save him from bumping into tables and chairs.
My son is in Chicago to see the wife and child.
The kids are with the OTHER grandparents.. and that leaves us, Max and Mya here by ourselves.
My regular vet’s office was closed for the holiday so I got in touch with one who will take care of him today.. we have an appointment at 4PM..

They were very kind and thoughtful. They allowed us time to be with Max for as long as we wanted but he was so distressed.. panting and scared that I felt we needed to end his suffering. He passed, in my arms around 4:22PM, 11-25-2011. He’s already missed but I know Mom will love him as much as I have. Love you always, Big Boy…

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