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I love what I do and I do what I love.. been drawing for over 60 years now and I hope I have got it right. But I am still working on it...

WIP/ Delicate Belle/ signature affixed

Just in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to.. here is one of the pieces that – believe or not – has kept me sane. The monotony of doing stipple is actually very calming for me.. so I start one of these whenever I feel that I can’t work on anything else. Considering what I’ve been through during the last 19 months.. I’m actually surprised I haven’t gone a bit bonkers!! So.. here it is.. piece by piece….

The first days work was putting down the frisket and waiting for that to dry.. then the fun part – throwing the paint around until you have something that’s kind of alright..

Peel away the frisket.. and this is what you’ve got!!

I sorta did a double frisket on this.. I wanted to keep a particular area “white” so I reapplied the frisket, painted what I wanted, and removed the frisket.

And now comes the fun part.. all those dots!!!! I use waterproof markers with nibs the .01, .05 and .005 because I like the fine feel it give to the finished product. Course, my eyes cross after a few hours..

It’s not hard to understand why something like this could keep you occupied for days…..

Oh.. you see those blue lines? I used this wonderful transfer paper (to get my drawing back onto the paper because sometimes the frisket takes it with it).

I just never seem able to stick to the task at hand.. gotta wander off on a tangent… just had to see if the new markers in blue would be what I wanted.. I’m still thinking about that one.

A little of this color.. a little of that color (in watercolor – kind of an ochre).. and some more black.

Getting close now!!

And there you have it.. it actually was a lot of fun to do..

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