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From my Grandson for Mother's Day

The following is the poem my grandson, Dillan, wrote on Mother’s Day this year. I never expected something like this from a 15 year old boy – who has many more fun things to do.. but this made me cry:

Let me start by letting you know
That it’s because of you I didn’t let go
You saved me in time to see another day
It’s because of you I didn’t run astray.
Sometimes I feel like no one understands me
Stuck in this place where I’m hated so blindly
There are so many things that I’ve been through
And I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.
I was broken
So forsaken
I was lost
And you saved my life.
I was drowning
Always frowning
But you came along just in time
And you saved my life.
I was pleading
Sometimes it seems like you’ve known me for eternity
You make me feel that I’m no longer empty
It’s you who’s my escape
Who tells me it’s ok to hate.
I’ll never find a way to let you know
How thankful I am that I’m no longer alone
And never have to be again
Because you who took away all my pain.
I was falling apart
Not nearly as smart
I almost collapsed
But then you came along
And you saved my life.

Thank you for being here for me, you’re all I’ve got..

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